We all have a photogenic side. Few get the luxury of playing with it. Most people swear they’ve got a bad side. Many avoid the camera because they’ve no idea where their good side is.

The ability to tease out the good side of people and letting them relax in front of a camera has lead to several modeling moments.

Model Moments

In the course of learning photography, several friends found their inner model. The exchange of their time allowed rapid progression in testing various skills.

Seeing people bloom and discover their inner beauty is a wonderful bonus. Helping someone elevate their confidence, or gain the insight to pursue creativity more, and having stories to share… makes this a wonderful project to catalog on a blog.

This is the home page of the various models and moments of modeling that leaves stories and impressions on the lens of a photographer.

Model Stories

The few who agreed to be shared on this site have left a good collection of memories. A few have looked back and decided they want to resume doing this style of art.

Sharing these with readers is a reminder of how much fun it is to create. In away, this writer benefits as much as the reader does. It’s more than a visual story, it’s a photo inspired set of moments captured through the lens and the pen.

The various moments will be documented at the end of this blurb through a series of projects. They have a combination of blog posts, galleries, and musings for your reading pleasure. Just click on the image or title to be taken to the particular project of interest.

Thank you in advance for the time spent on the site. Thank you for sharing your favorites with others and clicking like on each posts to encourage the writer and model.

Model Moments

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