Concrete, Metal, Heels

Taking a cue from the Urban Landscape and making it a Runway, well, it was all that the photog could do to make the contrast real.

2012-06-24 18.20.53

She saw herself as just another pile of junk that people dumped on. He saw her as a caterpillar waiting it’s time to blossom. Convincing her of such was proving to be very tough.

2012-06-24 18.20.51

The idea of doing an Urban Runway photo shoot was the only way available to make this a reality. Maybe, one day, years from now, she’d see for herself how wonderful she really is.

Concrete, Metal, Heels

The mix of metal and concrete has worked successfully for years. Without it, many modern buildings and roadways would not be. However, few ever mix heels in the such settings.

The Pile Drive

Several photos of a lovely lady, well dressed, in the middle of piles of metal.

Stand tall

Even when life piles up a lot concrete roadblocks, one has to take a stand a believe in oneself. Stand tall. Stand proud. Trust the process. Be the woman (or man) that you are to the fullest.

Even on the edges

Sitting where one can sit is not a matter of pride. So long as it is safe to sit, might as well sit. Too many feel too important to make comfort in the middle of discomfort. The photog learned a lesson or two from this lady who just couldn’t be bothered to listen to all the nay-sayers

Before taking the bus

At the end of a lovely photo session, one can always be creative in the wait for the next bus. Even if it’s only to catch the A-train a few blocks later.

The blog post that tells the story behind these photos is called “Urban Runway”. Thank you for taking the time to read and clicking like.

2012-06-24 18.23.24


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