Get Close… Up Close


Some people keep a lot of company. Others have a lot of people wanting to keep company. Selectivity is the mark of a wise person. Manage your energy well by only letting those who deserve your inner space in.

poetic inspiration

Get close… upclose

If you ever got a chance to get close… you’d know. There is a certain feeling, a certain joy that radiates. But you’d have to get close first.

Not everyone gets to come this close. Not even for photos. It’s a trust thing. You see, when this close, you might just fall for what you see, have your heart moved, and affected by beholding love.

Sometimes, for your sake, one has to wear sunglasses… to protect you from the glow. When getting up close, it’s best to use the power of love wisely. For things sizzle when this close.

Up close, you move carefully. With grace, with elegance. For all small micro expressions convey a full story. Up close is sensuality at it’s finest.

But then, when you’re close, you’re there by invitation. It’s not a physical proximity thing. It’s a spiritual thing. You are allowed in, up close.

The emotional beauty is not for everyone to see. But beneath the shade of a lovely hat is a smile that brightens the darkest of days. Those who have eyes to see… will see… and cherish the privilege.

It is all about being up close and personal. So, when invited, do get close… up close.

the photos that inspired the above words

Get close

The look in the eyes inspired the words that introduced this post. A small attempt at being poetic.

Up Close

The sunglasses added a nice touch to the play with a hat. It added to the inspiration of the words shared.


My friend has given me an amazing collection of photos over the years. Happy to share a few, with her permission. I will have linked below to the list of blog posts and projects done with her or inspired by her.

  • Crop a photo to save a photo - Sharing a few lessons learned from taking not so great photos... and saving them for the right time... to blog about them

Here are other posts and projects with this model

The List of Blog Posts

  • When quitting seems very appealing - Grit. Keep going after your dreams. Don't give up on yourself. Enjoy the photography story and take care of your health too.
  • A Twinkle in the Eye - The sun broke through the clouds, the scene was perfect. He was gazing into her eyes, leaning in for the sweetest kiss when..... Cut. Hold on!! Take two! That magic moment may just well be lost....
  • A Thank You Collection - Taking a little moment to give some credit where it's due. The person featured in this post has given me countless long hours of her time to help me become a better photographer. This is just a small token of thanks for the active support you give me always Thanks!!!
  • The Gate Keeper - A photo session years ago sparked a lot of lessons about how to pose a model. Today, a bit of fiction, inspired by the photos, comes to you to create a mood. My friend modeled... the mind created. Enjoy
  • Having Blues over Blue - Sharing a few lessons from mistakes I made in my early photo days. It's good to learn from the past. This is a rare case of showing the "bad" before sharing the "good" when feeling blue about photography... like... missing the days of shooting for leisure
  • Case Study Blue - In poetry, roses are red and violets are blue... in photography it's all about the right hue Taking inspiration from an old photo session to write a story.... with a few lessons.
  • Crop a photo to save a photo - Sharing a few lessons learned from taking not so great photos... and saving them for the right time... to blog about them

The List of Projects

It’s All in the Eyes

First serious attempt to capture eyes in the evening… an epic fail.. but…

A very successful summer evening photo session of a dear friend

Sunkissed Diamond

When the sun recognizes the beauty of a queen’s soul.. it often will kiss her softly… letting her beauty radiate for others to see… and be inspired.

Poetic musics based off a photo session and friendship.

Aqua Blue Session

A picture essay of the color Blue… Aqua Blue to be exact.

When a friend graces the day in full radiance… and allows you to do some photos… it’s a beautiful day indeed.

Get Close… Up Close

Getting up close and personal… capturing beauty and happiness in one shot


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