Playful Hats


Life often requires we wear multiple hats. The temptation is to wear the all at once. However, those who know when to switch hats have a great advantage over those who play with several hats at a time.

poetic attempt inspired by the below photos

Playful Hats

They see you laugh, they see you smile, they think all is well. Because, who doesn’t laugh and play when things are great?

Little do they know, beneath the smile is a lot of thought, worries, stress. It’s the way we dance that makes for the shades of smiles hidden beneath hats of life.

It could be a dark day, she wears a light hat. It can be a light day, and she dons on a dark hat. With the sun out bright, she’s got her sunnies on… but when the shade shows, she slips those off and let her eyes shine bright.

It may look like a game, but for some, it’s the way of life. The weight of the world is not a reason to be down and dark.

When fighting through, it’s best to line up all the cards of the deck in your favor. That means smiling, laughing, playfully tilting the head back and singing a song of praise as you go through your storm.

Faith is knowing that it will all pay off in the end and the blessings will pour out and overflow. So, look up, to the place of your deliverance. Give thanks. And ride it all out in style.

Some say it’s crazy… but others know the value of making a game out of the day. Go ahead and play. You’ve only got one life to live. Not everyone needs to see your grief. Only those who know the score can see your peace. At the end of the tunnel is bliss.

Let these endorphins flow, let the natural morphine go, embrace the way life allows you to grow. Without that smile, many would give up hope, because they thrive and gain encouragement from your glow.

Keep mixing up the looks with all the accessories you’ve got. As many hats as you can swing a bat at. Trot about like it’s hot. And pop on the heels like it’s the best you’ve got. Because, playful hats are what’s at the tip top… when shooting your best shot.

When you win… everyone will understand… your will… never failing faith in the way it will all be…

Play on. Change on. Grow on. It may not all be a game, but who said you can’t have fun when the going gets tough. Press on when the going is rough. Your moment will come.

For now, it is your moment to shine. Smile. You’re on camera. And your hat game is the center piece. Because you’ve mastered the art of wearing one at a time. The very secret for your success… no matter what is going on… your hat game is strong.

Playfully, beautifully, humorously. It’s all about the hats and the way you smile at the face of the storm.

now the photos that inspired these words

Brown Hats

Time to play with hats.

Dark Brown

Without sunglasses

With sunglasses

Light Brown

The Natural Hat

The crown of a woman is her hair. The original natural hat. The most versatile of hats


Below will be a link to other blog posts and projects done with this lovely friend of mine. Appreciate any likes and shares you decide to do. Thanks in advance.

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  • Crop a photo to save a photo - Sharing a few lessons learned from taking not so great photos... and saving them for the right time... to blog about them

The List of Projects

Elizabeth graces the lens

Elizabeth braved the cold. She wanted to help her friend out.

The lessons learned that night would propel a photographer’s career.

Thank you very much Elizabeth for everything

Playful Hats

When a photo session inspires a few words of poetry

One gets a play with hats


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