When Two Become One

Weddings are such beautiful events that take a lot of planning to create. Don’t be fooled by all the glitz and glam… that is just the pivotal moment that launches romance into the heaven on earth experience… when done right.

The Floral Garden

The theme was wrapped in flowers. It was the Garden Effect. Celebrating new life, the spring of freshness and beauty. All symbolisms of what happens at a wedding ceremony. The birth of a new slice of heaven, the start of a new paradise. Warm, welcoming, inviting, delightful, and pure.

Several photos were taking around the premises of the event. Some creative, some ordinary. All meant to add beauty to the day.


Garden of Eden Effect

The venue itself was amazing to look at. The whole runway for the bride was lined with flowers. All the decoration was supportive of the union about to take place.

Many of the guests took their own mini-photo shoots with friends and family. Celebrating the wonderful beauty that a garden of love has to offer.


Most vows involves a set of promises that are exchanged to signify the commitment taken. This couple, like most this photographer has seen, took a bit of original creative liberty and mixed it with key traditions to showcase their love for one another.

There was a prayerful moment where the faith of this couple shown brightly. Their vows were interwoven with their prayerful commitment to God as well as to themselves.

They walked into the ceremony as two people in love. They walked out as one unified team ready to blossom in love.

Let’s Have Some Cake

Even the cake was covered by flowers. There was no escaping the flowers that day. Long may their marriage last.

As a quick outtake – the wind threatened to disrupt, but family and friends stepped up and kept it all harmoniously together. Sure beats the rain that was in the area the day before.


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When Two Become One

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