Creative story telling is done through many styles and mediums. This site started off as a blog hoping to graduate to a photography gallery site. Along the way, the joy of writing grew and took hold of this artist.

Now, the two sets of skills are maturing and at times merging towards each other. Until the day when these two outlets decide to become one, why not explore the new found joy of writing.

Writing Projects

On the road to getting great, one has to level up to good. This is where the sense of purpose and direction on this journey comes into play.

The mission is to convey ideas and stories in a fashion that is interesting and helpful to the reader. Some projects take time and gets told over several episodes. Others are quick and easy but can be aggregated into bigger selections.

This gives rise to the various types of projects on this site. Between periodic posts, these projects grow and meander their ways throughout the years.

Here are some of the current projects in motion. There may be more or less in due time. This page will be the home of all the various projects. Access to these projects lives at the bottom of this page.

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Power up your week with some positivity. Most weeks, there will be a piece of musing that can help lift the outlook of the week.

Designed from personal work to improve the outlook of the week, several of these thoughts now live in writing for others to benefit.

If any of these pieces motivate you, encourages you, and enlightens you, please kindly share it with others. A click of the like button on the way to sharing is a kind wonderful bonus.

Poetic Musings

Poetic Musings

Reading poems in the past was always magical. How do people find ways to play with words and create such masterpieces of lyrical journeys… in such few lines.

Only one real way to find out. Give in to the curiosity and start creating poetry of your own. This project is the humble start of exploring poetic expressions for various concepts and musings.

There won’t be so many “Roses are Red” styled poems… to avoid “Violet Blues”. But when not playing so crudely with words, the skill of writing poetry is getting a serious treatment in this section of the blog.


Micro Blog

There are days when ideas strike and lives on social media. Being most of us do not own our own social media platform, should anything happen to our accounts, or the site, all the created content goes with it.

Why not preserve that creativity on this blog instead. It’s a different way of telling a story as well. So, experimenting with content on social media and housing it in this section of the site. Enjoy the short small blog posts from social media… aka Micro-Blogs

Episodic Stories

Episodic Stories

When writing on a regular basis, the idea of a book starts to bubble up. Can a book really be written by a regular guy? Of course it can.

To get to the level of authorship, one starts with baby steps. This means starting setting up stories on the blog and eventually maturing the skills into a book.

Feel free to check out the journey in this section of the blog. It will also be the place where any book deals or announcements will be made. Claiming it through positive visualization of success!

The Projects

Below will be a list of introductory boxes with descriptors of the various projects. Just click on “Read More” to be taken to the entirety of the projects to read more.

For those on larger screen devices, the boxes will line up in two rows. For those on smaller screen devices, the boxes will line up vertically.

Thank you so much for visiting. Appreciate your time, as it is very valuable. Looking forward to creating more pieces for your reading pleasure.

Until next time, keep your lens well focused… life has plenty of wonderful stories to share with you.