Standing Confidently: Poetry

The popular advice
One almost taken as a vice
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
There are gems you’d miss altogether

Some say… “Impressions don’t matter”
We’d probably think they’re fools and mad hatters
Less we too fall afoul of the rule
Impressions, as they do matter, don’t have to be rude

Stand tall
Stand proud
Stand correctly
Stand confidently

Standing Confidently

Project your assurance
With plenty of confidence
Image is everything
Yet, covers many things

We pretend to be perfect
It’s social media’s slant effect
Hiding our flaws
As if they didn’t matter at all

Yet, internally
We nervously
Almost timidly
Long to be seen totally

It’s not a game
Even if it’s played
Nor the valiant or tame
It’s how you play the game

If it’s all the same with you
Courage to do what’s feared
Now that’s confidence mixed with faith
Even if it’s not the same with your

Confidently Standing

Some claim
How you do little
Is how you do everything
It’s a principle this life acclaims

Clothing prepped
Morning routine set
Wrinkles ironed out
Backpack all packed

We clamor into the race for glamour
Rushing about, denting our armor
If only we work harder
We’d eventually reach dream’s harbor

With all the frank ardor
We repeat old sayings in perfect tenor
Not fully understanding the banter
Fearing we’re going to be seen in full candor

Yet, each person must stand
Confidently that is
As if on a witness stand
Is your life congruent or echos of a band

The bandwagon of the race
Some call it the rat race
The endless chase
Making the dream living in haste

Yet, others stop and think
Make plans and work on their tank
Building up skills and removing stank
Refining, cultivating, perfecting, remembering to say thanks

Stacking skills
Leveraging social networks
Delivering value
Making positive impressions

It’s the stand that is confident
Sure, it derives from confidence
But, even the most scared can stand tall
It’s all about the perspective and all

Focus on the priority
Skipping lists of priorities
One task to completion
Not a race to multi-tasking exhaustion

One Course
Until (not forgoing the hand of luck)

No faking but some faking

Projecting confidence is an art and science
The smallest of details being important nevertheless
You’ve got to be real and authentic
But you must act real and present authentically

In simple plain English
One must be aware
Confidence is a two way street
You need to believe and act confidently

The act will support the belief
The belief defines the act
The two dance and loves to create relief
Knowing that you’ve got skills in spades and heaps

The mind body connection
Working back and forth to perfection
Faith without works is dead… no exception
Works without faith… what a misconception

Token Confident Piece

For some, it’s a security blanket
Others, it’s a security check that’s blank
Some, it’s the lucky charm
Others, they create their own luck via charm

Whatever your memory aid
Remember to keep your back straight
Deep breath without haste
Ignore trivial media bait

Stand confidently
Even when confidently standing
Tall as you can be
It’s the only ideal way to be

Honor yourself
Respect yourself
Make sure you fit in with the community
As there is power in unity

We all have our own unique talisman
To remind us of our capability
Do your best as a diligent human
It’s our divine responsibility

Stand confidently
Complete with fear, optimism, fallibility
Seize your courage optimistically
The only way to confidently stand

When your story is told
People will judge the content that did unfold
The gems for those who can see
Will be just reward un-foretold

The book will change history
Even if it’s just one person
The read was worth the mystery
We all play our part shaping history

Your impressions matter
Mind your impressions
It’ll make you wiser
To many, it is life altering and really matters

By standing confidently
You’re modeling for others to benefit
Saving lives, one stance at a time
Standing confidently

Thank you for enjoying a little poetry
For those waiting for more, there is a short story
Stay tuned, it will be shared tomorrow (and below)
Appreciate the likes… and follows

Feel free to share
That’s one sweet way to care
A gallery, for those who prefer to glance
Will come in a few days hence

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  3. The Backpack Gallery - To conclude the trilogy, might as well share the photos that inspired the poetry, story, and commentary. A little motivation to carry on with great confidence. Enjoy the mini-gallery


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