The Landscapes

It is often said that nature knows best. It creates amazing views and magnificent oasis from the day to day stress. It is also said that nature can be such a cruel place and that we live in a highly sanitized version of paradise.

From a photographic perspective, the intersection between man made beauty and nature driven beauty offers many teachable moments for those who have their eyes open to such.

While scenic photography is not my strong suit, it is something of a marvelous fun genre. It is a low pressure photography type genre. The only real pressure I feel is to capture the beauty well enough for the viewer to get a feeling of what I felt while watching nature. It’s a small window of the beauty. It’s an experience frozen in time.

Plus, I’ve not figured how to monetize scenic photos. And I’m ok with that at present. Some things are just amazing in and of themselves.

2016-12-29 17.04.09
the post sunset look of NYC coming to life for the night

The professionals in this genre are totally amazing. I have no idea how they do the magic they do. Their ability to transfix time, space, emotions, and beauty is an art I’ve yet to understand. Much much respect to these artists.

This area of the blog will be focused on some of the sceneries that has captured some of my imagination. Even provided some motivation. Enjoy the views. Share the views. Click like too, if you please.

Scenic Landscapes

Introducing a new segment of photography to the blog. Taking a few of the archived photos that had no virtual home and giving them a spot to rest on this site. This is one way of sharing some of the beauty I’ve attempted to capture over time as well as motivate me to keep on capturing the marvels of life as it unfolds day by day.

Thank you so much for stopping by, enjoying, sharing, and appreciating. Now, on to today’s scenic tour.

Sun Play

2016-12-02 16.15.33-2
sunset over NYC after some weather had passed through

Watching the sun rising or setting is a powerful experience. The thoughts of what people used to think about how the sun worked before the sciences explained it all… just rings of stories and captures my imagination.

However, the other thing that captures my attention is the promise of possibilities that very setting/rising of the sun symbolizes. The newness of a new day or the close of a day’s worth of lessons. The chance to make a new mark on life or the chance to slow down and assimilate a day’s worth of learning.

Each day is blessing. Each day is an opportunity. Each one is it’s own treasure. It’s own mark in history. Reminds me to not stress the past and worry too much about the future. It’s all to play for in the very moment of being.

Sometimes… we get so caught up, we miss the simplicity of a daily occurance that has so much value and lessons to offer. Even the type of colors seen during the sunrise/sunset offers many lessons about so many things in life.

Some say they can anticipate the weather by looking at the type of light given during a sunrise/sunset. Others say they can tell several things about their surrounding distant neighbors by the colorfulness of the solar event horizon (total poetic license play on words here).

The exact science can be debated with scientist, suffice it to say, capturing a great moment when the sun is over the horizon is a powerful experience.

The sunset over a park – Fall season

please notedo not try to look directly at the sun without full measure of protection. Better yet, don’t look directly at the sun at all. Leave that to trained professionals. Any solar photos on this blog was taken with great care to protect the photographer’s eyes. Never look at the sun through one’s viewfinder with the bare unprotected eye(s). Thank you

Case of water


Mankind has always had need of water. It’s more than critically important for our ability to survive. No wonder water has such a draw to people. And taking pictures of water is an art in and of itself. One that I’ve yet to master.

I’ve seen some amazing photos taken. I’ve seen some amazing edits in my day. I admire the talent of those who can take amazing photos. I have yet to get awesome with it. However, doesn’t mean I don’t try every now and again.

My early days of photography involved trying to crack that water case and capture amazing shots. Today, I’ve accepted that the journey will take a lot more dedicated efforts to showcase water in the life giving glory it holds.


Much like the sun, water has it’s own beauty to give off in different types of light. The study will continue to grow over time until one day… I’m comfortable with capturing the beauty water holds.

Green’s Envy


Many people look at green and associate it with envy. While that works for cartoons and the likes, much like water, green is a beautiful color that draws people.

For reasons I can’t explain, many people have asked me to photograph them next to a tree or some plant that has greenery. I have my theories why that is, but I’ll spare you the speculations.

There will be various passages of greenery shown on this blog over the course of time. Peaceful vibes being the goal. Nature is just flat out amazing.


Life sometimes imitates art. Art often times imitates life. Whatever the case may be, telling a story through pictures is one of the many ways to share with others the amazing beauty that surrounds us all the time. Things we just take for granted, when told from a different lens, changes our perspective and awakens the appreciation of what is beautiful.

Until the next post, do have a fabulous and amazing day wrapped in beauty.

Editorial Note: This post was originally shared in the project section on December 18, 2017. It’s been moved to the blog as part of the 2018 site audit but posted in 2019

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