Having had the luxury of pursuing a hobby alongside my day job is something I cherish. Making a few extra bucks off that hobby to help pay bills is an added bonus that can’t be beat. Getting paid to do something you love, priceless

Like all great things, there is a season to it. My season of shooting events has slowed significantly because I’m handling responsibilities that take up more time than before. Finding more creative expressions to keep up with the work pace became more pressing.

I began adding “good lines” to the photo albums of many clients I had. That made their wedding albums unique and special. At the request of several clients, I started to expand my writing to fuller length short stories. That has given rise to this blog here that you’re enjoying.

Who knew I’d enjoy writing so much? Not I. So, here are the adventures of my ‘glory days’ as well as some of my creative efforts at story telling.

I’m no expert at content creation online or web design. I am open to learning the process. Being most of my stories come from past photographic experiences, the goal is to one day include my work into my stories and make this place more homely.

Until the visual medium online skills catches up with my vision of how a blog should be, enjoy the journey, the memories, and feel free to leave a comment or two.

Can’t wait until the seasons change and I pick up the pace of shooting. That will mean more stories to share on here too 🙂