Leveling up – Part 3

Sara was unwinding from a long push at work on her couch. Seemed like Netflix was the right call with a nice tub of icescream. The day off was a welcomed change from the pace of work. Several weeks of intense push to get three new products to market had taken a toll. Many long days that merged into weekends meant little time to pamper let alone upkeep herself.

While considering her choice of dramas to watch, and adjusting her loose bun, her mind started to drift a little back to work. If there was drama to be considered at work, it was minor. Folding up her legs to get more comfortable, one person popped to mind. There was this one guy, who was not like most ordinary guys, who just puzzled her and at times gave her headaches.

Taylor. That’s the guy. What was his deal anyway? They’d work for some time in that office. He was a nerd. That’s the best way to categorize him. He geeked out on way too many things to list. But he was also a kind soul who cared much about how he impacted people.

Ok, doesn’t hurt that he’s not bad looking…. lol

What caught her mind wasn’t his weirdness as much as the timing of his weirdness. Around everyone in the office, he was a very confident capable co-worker who was very gifted in trouble shooting problems the team had. The man knew how to control a room of clients and get them on-board with anything the firm needed. He could have been an awesome salesman. That smile of his, just made the ladies weak at the knees. Not like she cared about that.. not much anyway.

Yet, around her

This puzzled Sara and took her mind totally off Netflix. Crossing her arms and creasing her brows a bit, she let her mind dive into this shift a bit more. Around her, Taylor was just a mess. He tripped over himself, said things that made no sense, laughed way too hard, hung around awkwardly well after a conversation was done. The man looked so uncomfortable, one would think he either had a serious crush or serious dislike going on.

If anything, the crush option could be ruled out, Sara thought. He never once made a move. He rarely ever flirted directly. He was always putting himself down, doubting himself, and just being harsh on himself. This side of him, she noted, never showed up around anyone else in the office, and was starting to get aggravating.

Worse, the past several weeks, he had not made a single awkward visit to say hi. Yet, whenever they made eye contact in meetings, the rare times they did, the intense awkwardness was still there.. yet.. vanished immediately afterwards. Did he have something to say? Did he want something? Who knew

With a shrug of the shoulder, Sara was prepared to write off Taylor as a completely hopeless weirdo when another thought crossed her mind. Every time she had to work with one of the visiting managers from the sister office or whenever she had to work with the office’s leading managers, Taylor managed to pull a vanishing act.

Vanishing act, mused Sara. Yeah, vanishing act. He’d just disappear somewhere in the office and wouldn’t seem to appear for a few days. No communication. No comments, no eye contact, nothing. That made no sense. There was nothing to go on. Just the man was ghost.

Throwing up her hands in the air, as if to tell her living room that she’d given up, Sara resigned herself to not knowing what was going through Taylor’s mind. In fact, she shouldn’t care one bit. He was more of a personal headache that needed to go away. Yet, of all the things in the office that could be drama, her mind arrested only on him. And now, instead of wanting to watch a movie, Sara felt the need to busy herself doing anything.. so she could forget about Taylor.

Whatever his deal was, it had some kind of hold on her. She couldn’t place her finger on what. But that hold would be short lived. That was for sure. She had no time for weirdos in her life. Even the cute ones who were helpful.

Darnit! Why?!?! Why did this thought not want to leave?

Getting up from the couch, Sara walked over to the kitchen. Another round of icescream was in order, then, she’d hit the gym. She’d quickly forget about Taylor there..and would be able to enjoy the rest of her day off peacefully relaxing.

<to be continued>

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