The back up of a back up plan – rant?

Having a plan is one thing, having a back up plan needing its own backup? That’s something else.

There are moments when all you do is survive and hang on. The days just are perpetual Mondays, not the entrepreneur’s delightful variety. This is the five alarm crisis management blaze type variety.

Ok, you’re not facing the end of the world, but you sure are feeling out of gas and wanting to just get past all the chaos and issues. Yeah, that kind of repeat Monday feel.

Those are the days when the creativity is not quite enough, the agenda not quite working, the customers not quite happy, and all your super hero moves feel like complete duds.

I need a vacation.

While this week was supposed to be a week of great creativity and writing up a bunch of super cool blog posts and stories to share, all my energy has been shoved into work. The plans all shifted, the backup plans all expired, and the new reality is requiring new levels of process and effeciencies…with zero time to sort them out.

So, what does one do when that happens? Where does one go? Why, here to blog about it of course! lol

In all seriousness though, what’s keeping me going right now is that I am willing to listen enough to my body to know I need to pause. I don’t have all the plans figured out and I don’t know how the week will end. What I do know is this, not listening now will get me back to a burnout state. I have seen it, flirted with it, and nearly courted it a few times. It’s not pretty.

Should you ever get that memo from your body telling you to slow down or re-evaluate, listen. It’s worth it, even if it doesn’t seem as urgent as all the other urgencies in your life.

Had I not taken the hour to pause, I’d be skipping this blog posting. Then, I would feel badly because I enjoy writing. Yes, this very new skill that I’ve not yet mastered, let alone understood, feels nice. It relaxes me. It helps me through rough days. This is my break in the insanity until I can plan my vacation.

Be good to yourself. Be nice to yourself. Don’t cut out the very things that support you and make you work better. In the end, your best you needs all you’ve got so that others can benefit alongside with you benefitting. Does that make sense? Makes sense to me… ha ha

As I wrap up my ramblings, and breathe a bit before going back to work, I remind myself that plans can always be adjusted somehow so that dreams do come true. I share this thought with you today so that you can also know this, just in case the workload made it too easy to forget this point.

Have a great run up to the weekend!

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