Bite sized attack of super sized goals

We’ve all read somewhere or heard somewhere about keeping goals in focus. Well, bite size attack of goals is just as important as having big super-sized goals to start with.


Bite-size attack of super-sized goals

The first thing many folks work on is trying to figure out what they will be when they grow up. As they grow up, things get a bit more complicated. And as things get more complicated, finding a clear path to where you want to go gets harder and harder.

Life just seems to throw many curves at you. But the one thing that often keeps people moving forward is having a big goal.

I want to be… or *I want to do… then it’s just a question of getting there.

But… if super-sized goals was so easy…

The problem is not the size of the goals. It’s the fact that priority now is a plural word. There are big work goals. Big home goals. Big school goals. Big personal goals. And they’re all very important. And one person is left with many competing priorities. by the way, that word is not plural… by it’s very definition

So, the quest becomes how to make all these huge goals become successful

Bite size solutions anyone?

There comes the need to break things down into simple easier to digest sizes. How one goes about setting up bite sized goals is dependent on how clearly the big goal is set. The need to keep things small makes them far easier to manage.


It is far easier to clean the windows of your car on Sunday than it is to rebuild the entire engine. One is doable by one person alone, the other is not quite possible without a lot of help from veteran experts. However, a good plan can have that motor rebuild over several Sundays if you’re doing it solo.

With bite sized goals, one can tackle and plan out each day of the week to do a little something. By the end of the week, a lot got done. That’s how some folks appear to always get ahead fast while others just seem to loaf around hoping for that big break.



As you plan to kick butt this week, look at your big picture goal for the week, then figure how you can sub-divide that goal out into parts so that each day you have one thing to focus on that will move your needle forward.

In fact, if done well, there is the daily goal that can be broken down into smaller bits. That way, when there is a ten minute break, instead of scrolling down social media, you know what to be working on to move yourself forward.

Don’t forget to schedule a bit of fun to as a reward for each step crossed… and then a bigger reward for when the big goal is reached.

Happy Monday. Go get those competing priorities down in bite size portions of super-sized fun.

p.s. there is more on this concept at troopmotivation geared for parents

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