What’s In Your Sights

There is one thing I’ve caught myself saying a lot lately… “if a super mom can do this, so can I”. It is becoming a form of mantra for the time being. Bare with me as I connect this mantra to the post title of “What’s in your sights”.


Goal Focus: What’s in Your Sights

We often look at goals as the checklist of things that have to be done. And while that is all well and good, sometimes it’s good to have a bit wider focus. In my case, I’m working on balancing many things that call for my attention. It can be very tough emotionally to try and balance it all.

Most people will stop to check on how others are doing to compare and take notes. Sadly, most of the notes they take are quite negative. The gurus tell you not to compare or risk despair. With so many people comparing themselves to others, I took the notion that it may be in the human nature to compare to others.

Instead of fighting nature, let me work with her and improve my situation. Instead of comparing to feel bad, I started to look at the few times I do compare and use it to propel myself. Hence the mantra “if a super mom can do this, so can I”.

I’ve got enough mom followers on Instagram who share some small curated views of their lives to know that they’re balancing every bit as much as all the super moms I know. And just like these super moms, they manage to make it look easy.


My takeaway from these super moms

It is never as easy as it appears. However, there are methods in madness that makes them do what they do. There is a way of staggering what gets done so it appears like it’s happening all at once. As I’ve started to uncover these things, I started to play with them myself.

I used to be really good at time management back in my single day. I nearly wrote a book on that, but stopped when I realized I was not a writer. So, the notes all got boxed up. I made the mistake back then of comparing myself to established authors.

No way I could do what an established author with a full team of supporters could do. However, I failed to realize I can start writing and eventually work up to that level.

Supermoms didn’t just start out being super. They just started as being a mom. Over time, they’ve grown right along with their child. They had no choice or they accepted and made the choice. Either way, they grew. The ones who made the choice of acceptance grew the most (no science behind that claim)

Supermoms in sights

With the sight of supermoms in clear focus, I was able to blur out all the other distractions that life throws. I’ve moved in the direction of being better at handling a ton of seemingly random tasks and making sense of it. Today, this focus allows me to stay a parent, be a good employee, work on this blog, and aspire to complete a laundry list of things I hope to do well.

I can’t do it like a supermom can, because I’m not a mom. I can however get much better at doing what I do. Quick example, in the early days of blogging, reaching 500 words was the promised land for my skills. Today, I can routinely reach 2500 words in that same amount of time. What time am I talking about? My lunch break.

Are all my posts that long, no. Can they be. Now, yes. However, that bonus speed allows me to sometimes write three or four 500 word posts to share at a later date… when I got all my cards well lined up.

There are systems to make this life work. There are processes to make this happen the way you want it to go.


What’s In Your Sights

My mom always told me the phrase “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. It is in the same family of phrases that also touch “what you focus on grows”.

If you’re keeping your sights on what you can’t do, your mind will find a way to make sure you don’t. If you’re always thinking that others are better than you, your mind will find a way to ensure that you’re less than others are.

I’ve shifted my sights to figuring out what can I do to make my dreams become real. In the race to the middle of the year, I can say that I’ve stepped up my game plenty. I’m still not where my sights are aimed at. But I’m not where I was when the sights was first brought into focus.

Keep checking what your sights are on… make sure it’s aimed at what you want to achieve. Sometimes, goals move and shift. You’ve got to shift and adjust accordingly as well. That means having a plan you can come back to on a regular basis.

I still don’t know how these supermoms manage to stay the course with all that tugs at their time. Me, I’ve got an app that keeps tab on the things I’m focusing on… that way, whenever I have to reset the focus through my lens, I can see what was my intended point of focus… and resume the journey towards the mark.

Whatever you’ve got as your goal for this year, before we get to the halfway point, take a moment to review and check the path you’re on now. Hopefully, you’re close to where you need to be. If not, either re-assess and shift… or double down and press harder to get on track.

Until the next post, later this week in which we touch two silent killers of romance, do like supermoms do and press on with a smile towards your goals.

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