In the face of change part 1

The pace at which life moves is rather constant, although we don’t always feel the consistency of time’s passage. Change is the one thing we all can take to the bank. Everything changes. Yet, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Let’s take the seasons for example. No matter how much change there is, it is still four seasons. (this does overlook the fact some areas of the planet only get two or three of the standard four seasons)

The law of Entropy means that as change happens, things will break down over time. That is unless something acts on the system to prevent the natural course of things.

For us humans, what is that thing? It is our choices. We decide as the masters of our own domain just exactly what shade of color that destiny will have. True, one may not be able to pick the color, but they have a say over the shade of that color. One can be happy, content, mad, glad, sad, frustrated, or any other number of emotions that will color the experience.

The ability to rise up from ashes and soar gloriously above the current situation is the transformation that requires a conscious choice. One often, but not always, has to grow tired of being tired and do something to get out of the fatigue.

One has to opt to do better, be more, learn more, grow more. The work one does on one’s self will have a huge impact on one’s ability to affect change. That choice is yours.

As you get ready to tackle this month, make the choice to have the success you’d like to have. Happy Motivated June to you all as you go about having the transformation you seek.

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