Belief is key

Believing is everything. We’ve all heard that. We all understand that. We all believe it on some level or the other. But, the problem that many have, is the belief transformative?

Knowing and believing is not the same thing. We can know any number of things without acting on that knowledge. We can easily believe to the contrary of the knowledge gained/possessed. The singular difference is action.

Quick example. Many healthcare professionals have explained eloquently the perils and harm of lack of sleep. However, for reasons too complex to explain in a single blog post, these same experts aren’t getting the amount of advocated sleep.

Without a shift in the belief, the behavior will not always align with the knowledge. The ramifications are important for those trying to have an awesome week.

For this motivational Monday, it is important to believe in yourself. Believe you can change. Believe you can succeed. Believe you can improve. It’s one think to know that it is possible, it is a whole different matter to believe you can can do those things.

Give yourself permission to believe you will have a great week. This doesn’t mean a week free of challenges or a week free of setbacks. It just means that you believe and will act as one who will have a great week. Chances are good you will have a great week. Why not optimize the chance by believing in it.

In the unfortunate event that you have a bad week, doesn’t take anything away from the belief. We all know that bad weeks happen. We all know that bad weeks are inevitable. They’re part of life. It is also true that a week that starts bad can be turned to good with diligence. It is also true that without your input, a good week can go bad. What makes the difference?


The person who believes they will have a great week does the work to ensure a great week. The one who doesn’t believe, depends on luck to have a great week. Luck is fickle. Work pays off.

Give your week a fighting chance and believe you can have it go great. Then, go act on that belief. Make it a great week.

2 thoughts on “Belief is key

  1. Indeed… there’s a fine difference between belief and acting upon that belief. Also, knowing is not enough. We all know what’s best for us, what it is that we should do or be or say, but we seldom follow this instinct.


    Because of bad habits, because of bad influence from others, because of other cultural or societal norms. It is simple, but not easy.

    The right path is the most difficult to walk on.

    1. You’re right. Thanks for adding this value to this post. Choices aren’t always easy. Especially when they’re worth it or will improve you. It’s the daily sacrificing for authenticity and what is right that makes the journey have work built into it. Easy street is not as easy as it appears. An idea for another post….:)

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