Natural Spotlights


Internal Shine

The spirit of gratitude. The mindfulness of joy. The presence of kindness. The sharing of positive energy. These are just some of the internal sunshine that these people bring to the table.

Knowing when to think, when to speak, when to listen, when to empathize. More traits that these folks seem to have spontaneously. All part of the sunshine they radiate from the inside out.

Here’s the funny thing about that internal shine, it is cultivated. It is practiced. It is built up. It is learned. It is encouraged. It is nourished. All values that anyone can improve on.

Everyone has their own inclinations towards certain kinds of positive traits. Some people love to smile. Others love to pay compliment. Others still are thoughtful in their words they email. Others in the way they listen.

What’s your natural gift? What is it that you do that draws others to you? Bring out these traits more. Energize them. Power them up.

These are some of the traits that, when noticed by others, will draw others to shine a spotlight on you. More importantly, those very things brings light, hope, optimism, and positivity to those who may not have any spotlight to warm them up.

Especially on an early Monday morning.

note: just because you wake up chipper and super happy without coffee on Mondays does not mean you have to share it full tilt with others very early in the morning. Pace yourself, let them warm up to your sunny disposition. Charge them up throughout the day… just saying.

About Obscurity

The lack of self advertisement has often been viewed as virtuous. Reality is a bit more nuanced than that. The lack of self-advocacy is not to be honored. Let’s just be clear on that. The opposite of bragging is not silence.

It is totally ok to know when and where to mention some of your achivements and abilities. In fact, knowing when to share what you’re good at will help others know that they can count on you when they need your particular skill.

Humility does not negate self-advocacy. The humble is not going to make a big deal about you knowing their skills. They will let you know if there is a need for you to know. And they will do so in a manner that is helpful without drawing unecessary attention to them letting you know.

In other words, you do have to speak up for others to know your thoughts. You have to share your shine in order for others to know you can shine. Just do be obnoxious about it. Share when it makes sense to share. Not just for the sake of sharing.

Too many years, I’ve kept extra quiet about some of my talents. It’s often painful to hear others say “If I only knew you could do fill in the blank I would have hired you instead, because I prefer your approach”. Or some variant of that statement.

I rarely tell people I am a writer (and other things). Now, that’s not cool. However, the flip side is just not as cool either. I can’t go around telling any and everyone that I know how to write. Makes no sense. Will be a pain in the rear.

If there is a situation where a piece needs to be written, I now know not to hesitate to offer assistance. Help to either write it or directed them to someone I know who can write the piece for them. This is not bragging. It’s being helpful.

Motivational Monday Lesson

As one goes about making their week awesome, the bottom line is to be your best self while helping others do what it is that they do. By bringing your A-Game you’re bringing light and hope to someone who may be running low on it. This helps them improve their game and indirectly helps you.

Wait… how?

By helping them be their best, they are now in a better position to help you in the future, if you needed help. That’s helping yourself out.

The best people do not have to tell anyone that they’re the best. They are known to be the best by just being the best.

Folks who need a spotlight are usually those who don’t have enough internal light to shine. They need help seeing their own worth. Their own way. And they seek validation from others to feel good about their way.

However, those who shine from within end up paving their own way as well as paving a way for others.

By going out to make this week great on purpose, you’re shining from within. No one has to lead you to your greatness. In the end, the light will be shown on you as an example of getting the job done with a smile, with positivity, with energy, with enthusiasm.

People who shine from within do not need a spotlight. They are the spotlight that just love to share their light with others.

Make it a great week on purpose!

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