Happy Fourth Anniversary

Happy Fourth Anniversary

By the time November 4, 2016 had arrived, I knew I was on to something big. Something special. Something extra nice. I had discovered the joy of writing. And did I ever write.

The calendar year of 2016 had a total of 40 blog posts for a total of more than 32k words. I had smashed all writing records and reached well above all the goals I had set for myself that year. I had my head down and was pounding away the keys. I had found a bit of passion for writing.

The systems I had been developing were finally starting to bring fruits that I could rely on. I was still all over the place but the scope of focus was narrowing.

This blog post is written from the comfort of 2018 a few months before the anniversary date

Something about the arrival of my second child the year before helped pushed me into gear as well. I was on fire. I was motivated. I was having a lot of fun. I was exploring ideas I normally kept inside and didn’t share.

Moreover, I was seeing possibilities with writing that I couldn’t imagine before. There was a chance I could make something special of blogging and eventually convert into more. I could finally set up my photos online on my own… very own… platform. People would know the stories behind the photos

OK, I was getting ahead of myself some. But. I was feeling very alive with writing. I had a fun outlet for my art. Now, learning to master the art was the next step.

Four is for more

I can’t believe that it’s been four years. (that’s what I was thinking back then… even though I didn’t write about it). For the first time in some time, I was feeling very serious about something I was creating. I had forgotten how to create things from the heart. I had gotten into a rut and writing was pulling me out.

Growth had some pains of course. Most of them are a bit faint in the memory, but, I approached them with enthusiasm. I had done what to me was the impossible. I had shared a lot of content. I was now starting to see myself as a writer. That shift made for massive changes… but those changes showed up in 2017 (will write about that in the next anniversary post).

In the fourth year, I made several changes to the look of the blog. Many of those changes took shape in 2017. I was now starting to apply what I was learning from various podcasts and testing them on my site.

In this fourth year… I started dreaming about more content to write that wouldn’t fit on one blog… so… the start of creating new blogs started. (As of the writing of this post… I have four blogs and a fifth on the way… and am getting comfortable saying that out loud lol)

The fourth year of writing was the year I decided to be serious and intentional about writing. That was the year I grew and embraced being an author. What’s next? Getting published of course (as in a book for sale)… but that is either going to happen in 2018 or 2019… you’ve got to stick around to find out how this continues.

Until then, cheers to year 5


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