Always trying out tools

The art of blogging requires the willingness to learn new things.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, took a little time to review my blogging process.

I now know that I’m not using my cellphone at all in this process. Didn’t realize I had left it out of my process.

I do use my tablet, my laptop, and desktop. But not my phone. Go figure.

Funny thing, it’s a portable computer. If I get past the mental block towards speech to text, I got a quick easy way to blog that I’m not using at all.

Might as well test that out and have some fun.

This post is being typed on my phone by the way. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

My regular postings will slowly ramp back up starting next week

P.S. life does ask for constant adjustments. That’s how opportunities can be turned into innovation… some of the time anyway


2 thoughts on “Always trying out tools

  1. Well on that note 🙂 I can say, this is the one area I’m actually ahead of you for the first time in life hehe. Although when writing on your phone you tend to create more than a short story if explaining something so heavily and detailed :-). One would reply back, ummm you could’ve just called me to explain lol vs the long novel. (what works for on, I’m sure won’t work for another as the saying goes.) I do love you shared about how the technical world has many views/ideas/creations/etc….

    1. Speed is my biggest consideration. While I can write pretty fast with swipe, I’m not going to match my typing speed anytime soon. Same with speech to text. I don’t do it enough. I’m sure writing five hundred words on the phone is not too bad. But five thousand…. rather the computer at what point lol. Thanks again for the lovely comment:)

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