Happy New Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the start of a brand new year. A new opportunity to get a lot of things done. A chance to right the path, set the record, move the mark, set the benchmark….

Yeah… all that wonderful stuff people do at the start of the year.

I don’t do those. Nope. Haven’t set a New Year resolution in years. And that was the best resolution ever.

But first…

Best wishes to everyone! Happy New Year

Ok, now that formal business has been addressed.

What’s with this new resolution bit?

Well.. it’s not that complicated. I like to get moving on my goals as soon as I can. My next blog post will elaborate a bit more on that.

The short version… I’ve been getting ready for this new year for the past couple of months. I want to make this blog a lot more inviting and welcoming to my readers. I want to get better at sharing with you all.

I also want to makeĀ  a positive impact for someone who reads this blog. As the year moves on, I will tighten my focus and build up momentum.

But for now…

I am glad to have the chance at a new year. A new opportunity. It’s as good as any. I’m feeling very blessed and am so glad that the calendar has changed over nicely (this was written by faith before the change of calendar… for those curious)

I urge you to not make this year just about some quick random resolution. Write it down. Post it where you can see it. Rewrite it every month. Make it a year where you actually stick to your resolution a lot longer than three weeks.

Until I return with more blog posts, enjoy the festivities safely, soundly, and wisely. There is a lot to do in 365 days.

Happy New Year!

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