Urban Runway

trying to use the voice I once had in my earlier days of blogging… to pay tribute to someone I knew back in the day

The roadway was busy with cars rushing back and forth. Some were looking for customers to give a ride to. Others were just annoyed that traffic was pretty heavy. It was a sunny day and the sales were plenty. It was time to grab as many deals as possible.

The photog had just finished one of his famed musical gigs and was eager to get back home to relax. There was this one lady, however, who had other plans. She wanted some quality time in front of the lens. Patna was her code name.

The deal with the photog was rather unique. He saw in her what others could not see. Patna was written off as a lost cause. From her rebellious ideas to her gansta way of poppin’ off… She was the ideal counter culture renegade that made many people cringe. Despite it all, the photog felt that someone had to be on her side and in her camp. If only she could believe in herself, then in time, she’d ride out the storm that was her life.

It had taken the photog a few good solid efforts to gain her trust. Patna was not easily convinced to do anything anyone wanted her to do. Yet, she felt that this guy was different. He was not asking much from her. Just a few photos. Nothing more. Granted he asked her to believe in herself in a way that was completely foreign to her. No one saw value in her. Why should he be any different.

Over time, as the photog proved his worth, Patna (like the world partner but drop off the “er”) found that the photog really didn’t want anything else from her. He had taken his photos and emailed them as promised. There were no other expectations. Just a few words of encouragement every now in a blue moon.

Urban Runway

Soon, the nature of the friendship started to take hold. The photog took more of a distant mentor role as Patna took on the role of the muse. Self imposed muse at that. As in, she would ask for her own photo sessions whenever her mood struck her fancy.

It proved to be a decent arrangement. The photog got to practice his craft and share words of encouragement while she got a chance to feel good about herself. Many were critical of her fashion, not that there was much wrong with it, but because they knew it bothered her that they judged her. Yet, the photog just allowed her to be herself.

As far as the sessions were concerned, it was just a few. A few that featured the color purple. That was her favorite color. The photog felt that these were the few times Patna managed to smile and show her true colors. It felt as if no one know that she could really smile and be happy. No one knew that she was pretty smart. No one knew that inside that tough gansta appearance was a lady wanting to be seen as a lady.

The brilliant idea hit the photog one day. What if, for her birthday, he set up a runway that would play off the complexity of her personality.

If he could have her dressed up all girly and have a very urban rough background, then he’d successfully capture the complexity of who this lady was.

The idea caught her ears well. She tried her best not to smile. She had to look tough and un-phased. Yet, the delicious irony of the juxtaposition of concept tickled her deeply.

2012-06-24 18.23.24

A time was set and before long, it was time to do the photo session. (the details will be linked at the end)

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