Life changes does changing blogging pace

Just dropping in to say hi. Motivated this Monday for a host of different reasons.

My life changed with the arrival of a baby. Not my first. However, a big change.

Parents out there know what this means. Plus, I’m one of those guys who tries to be involved with his children.

This totally changes everything about my life. From no sleep to bonding with my precious while keeping my other children feeling loved….i find myself unable to write much.

This blog, after dropping my eldest off at school, is being written on my phone on the side of a road before getting on the highway. Yes, safely parked legally with engine off.

This is taking the whole planning to live on purpose to a different level. If I don’t do this, I won’t get much blogging done. And I love to write.

I’m waiting for traffic to settle down a little before I go buy formula…

I can’t promise I will be blogging at my usual same pace for a while… but I can periodically drop in via phone app.

I shared this to encourage someone this Monday. It is easy to write a cool motivation post for others to use. It’s a little harder trying to live out what one writes. But to be authentic, I prefer to live what I teach, preach, write about.

Also… this planning on purpose works. I see how mothers get so much done because they plan and adjust as the day goes on.

If you’re willing to give yourself room to adjust from a plan, it is possible to keep doing what you enjoy no matter how much life gets busy.

As I start to wrap up, key points….

  1. I’m going to blog a little less frequently at first. But I will be back soon to a new regular pace
  2. My dreams of writing a book are alive and well… just on hold
  3. Don’t over plan when dealing with a newborn. Just one small personal goal a day. (writing this post safely on the side of the road)
  4. My newborn is the cutest. Hey. It’s my blog. My opinion. And my wife agrees. Lol.

Wishing you all a great Monday on purpose.

No unnecessary risks were taken to write this blog. No edits were made either. Took less than 30min too… thanks to swipe tech on the keypad of this Android phone

Until next time, have a purpose driven week.

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