Embarking on an Audit

Embarking on an Audit

Every now and again, Spring Cleaning is vital to keep a home looking fresh. Same can be said for Fall Cleaning.

Well… what about one’s online home? Yes, the virtual home where thoughts get collected and ideas flushed out.

The site is on it’s fifth year of existence and it’s third of serious blogging effort. I’ve not been on top of things in the early days. It was a little bit of fun and now it’s becoming more serious fun.

What Is This “Audit”

I’m taking a look at how my writing has changed and how I’m organizing it. The goal and purpose is to make the reading experience a bit easier for the reader.

Just looking at my notes, it is clear that I process and think of blogging quite differently. Looking at the stats, something I don’t do that often, I’m seeing that some of my writing is not getting seen.

A few quick questions answered the why. The content is buried behind complicated menus. This is not cool. This audit will change that.

Also, I’m realize that people’s reading preferences have changed. Had to get some input from an expert to understand the trends.

So, I’m going over some of the past shared content and making a few changes.

How long will this take?

As we stand, it’s not going to be a long process. However, depending on what I uncover, I’m giving myself plenty of room to get the audit done before the close of the year.

If it’s anything like the last audit, I should be able to complete the process in a few weeks. However, I am prepared to discover that I totally under estimated this process.

What will you see?

If I get this done right, you shouldn’t notice much of any difference. I’m taking the changes as slow as I can so I’m not tearing up the site and making a mess. Once I’ve sorted out what I need to do, I’m going to tackle each part one week at a time.

At best, the die-hard-binge-readers may find a few missing posts that will resurface at a later date. There may be notes and “editorial update” left around the place so some can see the changes

For now, going for a smooth transition. That way the reading can stay consistent. I hope to have new content coming in the expected new format so readers won’t be at a loss for their regularly scheduled posts.

So, cheers to a big site audit made to look like nothing is happening at all.

There will eventually be a list of posts, below, that pulls together all the audit related posts.

  • Embarking on an Audit - Audit 2018 - Part 1 It's that time of year... time to check over the site. Make sure everything is moving along smoothly. Lessons to be learned. Ideas to sharpen. Focus to narrow/broaden. It's time to embark on an audit


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