Designed by God

This lady that I admire, call a sister, respect as a mentor, and was once a student of mine… yeah… is doing massively awesome things in this world.

we are not biologically related… but the brotherly adoption needs no genetic or legal definition

She’s been a go-getter from the moment I met her. Always creatively looking for ways to improve. She’s not alone, her whole family is one super cool family.

Today, I share a small sliver of her life and times as an up and coming superstar. This was one of several turning points in which she blossomed and bloomed into the woman she is today.

By God’s Design

Having the luxury to travel and watch my friend mature and graduate was super special. I never told her this, but I fought tears all day. Here is why.

I saw her grow up. I saw her reach for the stars and actually reach them. Sure, if I brag a little, I had some small significance in her life, but that was a long long time ago.

Today, she’s elevated to very high levels and has just begun to spread her wings. The photos in this post are all about the day she graduated from one chapter of learning to move on to many other chapters. There has been several more graduations sense too.

If I ever had to do my life over again, I’d make a point of sticking around more closely as a friend to this genius of a lady. Sure, she’d rub off on me more, but I’d be able to better understand her genius so I could be a better friend to her. I’ve not been as good as I would love to be but that’s OK. The love is still there. It’s still strong.

If you don’t know her…

Out of profound respect for her achievements, I will put a link to all the various things she does online at the end of this post. While she’s no rookie or beginner by any stretch of the imagination, she has yet to find a place where she’s ready to settle. That is not in her vocabulary. I’ve got to say with confidence, this is just the beginning of super amazing things from this lady.


God placed a marvelous design in front of you and your sister… and I am very privileged to see parts of it unfold. Thank you for being an awesome light of inspiration to all who know you. My ventures into the online world would not be possible had it not been for your honest feedback and straight talk. I only hope to be the kind of person you will want to keep in your circle of influence… yes… I am actively working on that on the regular…lol

I can go on and on, but I won’t. I will end with this… she’s modest and at times shy. Who am I kidding with the shy part. But seriously, if she did not give me the brother-from-another-family status, I could not post any of these pix. For the record, she’s going to kick my butt off-line for posting these. And I’m OK with that.

Thank you for being super amazing. Keep climbing. Keep reaching. Keep doing. Keep excelling. You’ve just begun!

For a list of blog posts I’ve done about and for her…

  • Designed by God - Sharing a few photos from a graduation celebration from the past. So proud of this young lady as she continues to rise in influence, prominence, and blessings
  • By Design - There are people who push you to grow outside your comfort zone. She was supposed to be my student, but she ended up being a teacher and inspiration. Saying thank you!! Big time shout out post. Love this girl!

If you’re interested in seeing some of what she’s doing on the web, here is the link

I’m making available all the information about her awesomeness… just so you can get a glimpse of the awesome friend I’m blessed with.

Gotta go to the main blog post for all the links on everything

None of these are paid links. None of these are affiliate links. I don’t do that currently on my site. However, given how much she’s given me, I think someone will find her inspiring. If that helps boost someone to chase their dreams full force, then this post did it’s job. Go make your passions a reality.

Editorial Note: This post was originally shared in the portfolio section an January 11, 2018. It was moved to the blog section as part of the 2018 site audit. Links updated

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