Serenity In Turmoil

Life often has moments where peace eludes you. Moments where finding space to breathe seems hard. These are the moments one has to put everything behind… and seek serenity in the midst of turmoil.

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Trying to out #drive the #storm

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Today’s post features some of the more peaceful photos from a time gone by that was tumultuous.

The peace found allowed perspective and clarity.

The accompanying blog post gets a bit more into the details.

Serenity in Turmoil

Many years ago, while changing careers, took a step out to study the way the sun moved about the scenes during fall. Early early days of photography.

The whole point was just to capture and freeze time around the peaceful feeling of being away from stress.

The rising sun

Looking over a park very early in the morning The sun burning off the fog and moisture as the city comes to life.


Captured shade?

Looking closer at the way nature seeks the sun. One can see the trees stretching up and eagerly waiting for the light. Amazing how resilient nature is.


Fall Foliage

In that moment… a sense of peace about how life’s cycle works. The stress that was weighing me down would eventually pass. Just like those leaves were gold and red. They soon would pass. Then. After a dormant period, the Spring would bring about a brand new world of possibilities.


One with Nature

As I crouched to get the photo, it dawned on me I was being such a city guy. So. Abandoning the fear of getting dirty, I got down on my tummy and took the shot. Something magical about getting very close to your subject gives you a better richer understanding of it.

Nature has it’s own rhythm and time. We humans love to rush and push and force things, but nature seems to always win and carry out it’s course. Even when highly domesticated.

It is best to be able to live with and in nature… as the cabins show in the background. Harmony often fosters greater sense of peace.


Editorial Note: This post was originally shared in the project section on January 25, 2018. As part of the site audit, it was moved over to the blog. 

2 thoughts on “Serenity In Turmoil

  1. Wow beautiful shots! I kept saying I love this one the best then getting to the next one and saying the same thing! I love how you captured nature I also love how you expressed those feeling through the lens and through your words!!!

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