Full immersion

There was a time… I was a rookie at photography. I threw myself full force into taking photos of everything.

I was trying to make up with volume what I couldn’t get done by paying for classes.

Turns out… it was very helpful. I have tons of photographed memories.  Lots of amazing lessons.

Looking back, I realized I took more adventures than I do now. Somewhere along the way, I became… “settled”… into adulthood.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my current season of life. I just know that I’m feeling ready to tackle the next season.

Other lesson my photos have shown me, when I am into something, I’m fully immersed into it until I am satisfied with my level of skill. Sometime that takes years to reach, other times a much shorter window of time.

Whatever one endeavors to do, and do well, requires a degree of full immersion. Know it inside and out.

The funniest thing about being so immersed into a project, (not ignoring the distinction between immersion and obsession… it’s massive one) passion is most easily found in something we’re immersed in.

Not everything one does will generate passion, but most passions are uncovered when immersed into the activities.

That was true of my music days, true of my photography days, and now true in my writing early days. These things that generate passions will be a part of me for a long long time. And I love it.

I’m now trying not to ask people about their passion. Especially if they’ve not had enough life experience to uncover their passions. I’m now going to try to understand what hooks a person enough to get them immersed into it. This is the key to finding someone’s passions.

Editorial Note: This post was originally scheduled to be shared mid 2018…new posts will resume soon.

this musing inspired by this photo from Instagram

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