Celebrating big life events like a wedding is important to capture on film. It’s almost a given. People love to remember their celebrations.


Over the years, events such as graduations, birthdays, baby showers, and banquets have played a role in improving the art of visual storytelling.

With the highly competitive space of smart phones and self-proclaimed cinematic gurus holding iPads and laptops to document events, there are plenty of stories to be told about how people go about affordable getting photos of their events

Social Events

Social media has a way of curating a lot of memories for people. This is good. The only downside is… what happens when the social site du jour goes down?

Until that day comes, this photographer will keep working to improve his skills and document special moments in the lives of those trying to record their happiness on film.

This page constitutes the homepage for all the various events covered during this career of photography. Enjoy the laughs, the joy, and even a few tears.

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The Events

Capturing Parties

The collection of blogged parties…. birthday, graduations babyshowers, etc

Wedding Memories

A collection of wedding projects

Going back to the roots of this blog by compiling several stories and galleries