There are events that one does for fun and there are those that one does for money. When those two concepts align, well, magic happens.

Organizing my photographic journey by events and sharing what I’ve learned along the way as I ready myself for the next set of adventures that are to come

When Two Become One

The pictures that inspired a big blog post about vows, trust, love, marriage.

The Garden of Eden them… where Two Became One

Designed by God

I get to share a few thoughts about this wonderful amazing lady… just because.

What started out as me being her teacher ended up flipping the switch and she taught me a ton

She believes that God designed us to be awesome. I agree. So, today, a bit of a shout out and throw back pictures of this lady’s growth.

Between Events

Taking a little time to do random shots in photography between events proved to be it’s own event.

Spontaneous art often hides great lessons to improve one’s art making skills