Capturing Parties

When not taking photos of big time events, like weddings, or individuals, there are smaller events that allow for specialization of skills. These are the various parties that require quick journalistic reflexes to capture.

Capturing Parties

The list of parties I’ve photographed is short. Mostly because I’ve started doing parties around the rise of the iPhone’s prominence.

Furthermore, the rapid turnaround required to provide clients with social media ready photos did not suit the lifestyle I was pursuing.

However, there were a few events, parties, and gatherings that are worthy of mentioning. Below will be a list of such projects and all their associated blog posts nestled within these links.

Types of Captured Parties

We all know that a gathering of people celebrating means there has to be photos. That’s just the way social media has conditioned us.

So, in this repertoire, we will start with those already photographed and eventually branch out into new territory as the inspiration strikes.

Birthday Parties

Graduation Parties

Baby Showers

Retirement Parties

These are just a few of the types of parties documented by this trained lens. I’m sure there will be more to come down the road.

Enjoy having fun while keeping a smile for the camera.


When you’re not a big party goer…. in part because of being an introvert…. you resort to capturing the events on a blog

Enjoy the recollection of the few parties that left a pleasant impression


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