Many people wish they could produce a book. It’s a bit of a dream for some and a reality for others. Most let that idea slide and fade into the archives of school memories.

Every once in a while, life gives you a chance to review and try dreams of old. The question becomes… how do I make this happen.

Episodic Stories

Of the many ways to go about writing a book, the approach of one chapter at a time seems to be the less frightful of approaches. This is compared to sitting down for a block of time and just powering through until a book is completed.

Hats off to the authors who can take an idea, mature it, and write it out in a few days. Those are not the typical writers. Most take a long time to nourish a story into existence.

Why not periodically work on a concept or two, nurture a character or three, and put together a few chapters here and there. Later, one can look back at the work and decide to polish it into a book.


This is why this page exists. The goal is to slowly build out over time a concept into a good story. Once a few of these stories are built, then, work them into a book. Much like how a movie gets made… plan and record several scenes then go to the cutting room and build a blockbuster.

This, of course, assumes you’ve got good enough content to work into a book. Practice is the only way to get better. This was learned from all the trial and errors of learning photography.

Those lessons, hopefully, will translate into story telling as well. Then, one day, a book can be created and published.

Until that epic goal is reached, let’s work on the episodes one chapter at a time. The entire collection of stories will have this page as headquarters. Just click on the image and/or title to be taken to the storyline indicated.

Thank you for stopping by. Thanks for any feedback you are moved to leave. Appreciate the shares and click of the like button. The like button helps validate a concept so the author can continue working in that direction.

The various episodic projects will live below. Enjoy

Leveling Up – Table of Content

The photog gives a client a hand in understanding himself and romance.

One has to level up themselves before expecting an elevated romance

First work of fiction attempted on the blog. Table of Content