Leveling Up – Table of Content

One of the first novel works of fiction I attempted to write on a blog. Gotta practice the art of writing stories somewhere. Sharing it online is a commitment device I use to help me stay on top of writing.

Leveling Up

These are the chapters that were created so far for the story. The concept follows the efforts of a character who wants to improve himself in his career as well as improve his skills in the romance department.

The incentive is driven by the curiosity of the self-help genre and the romance genre. Can these two be combined. While this is an early day drive towards writing a book, the lessons have stayed on to influence many other writing projects.

The First Go Around

The first seven chapters of the story lives below. Whenever any new chapters get added, they will show up as well. Enjoy going back into time and seeing what my writing style was like in the beginning.

Leveling Up

  1. Leveling up – Part 1 - Taylor sat in the photog’s studio trying to figure out what had gone wrong. The weight of the confusion weighed in heavier than a 90% humidity level on a 98 degree summer day. Replaying the event over and over had shed no light for Taylor. It was time to ask for advice The photog sat … Continue reading Leveling up – Part 1
  2. Leveling up – Part 2 - After sitting a while and reviewing all the facts, a few things started to make more sense. At least, to the photog that is. This project had a good size of impossibility to it that wasn’t obvious in the beginning. Taylor was head over heels for Sara, that couldn’t be denied. However, Sara’s openness to … Continue reading Leveling up – Part 2
  3. Leveling up – Part 3 - Sara was unwinding from a long push at work on her couch. Seemed like Netflix was the right call with a nice tub of icescream. The day off was a welcomed change from the pace of work. Several weeks of intense push to get three new products to market had taken a toll. Many long … Continue reading Leveling up – Part 3
  4. Leveling up – Part 4 - It’s been several weeks since Taylor got the report from the photog about the failings of his approach to win Sara. The news was polite, direct, yet painful. His best game, it turned out, was not going to win the girl after all. At best, it must have turned her off. Made her upset. More … Continue reading Leveling up – Part 4
  5. Leveling up – Part 5 - Chris was feeling quite good about his fortunes. His rival seemed to have dropped out of the race a few months ago. This was unexpected and very much a breath of fresh air. After careful planning and years of patience, it looked like the stars had finally lined up for him to make a move. … Continue reading Leveling up – Part 5
  6. Leveling up – Part 6 - As the photog was performing a final check of his gear, he couldn’t help but wonder what the party would turn out for his curiosity about Sara and Taylor. The team building exercises they were doing was incredibly good and well planned. The two offices were having a great time and the workshops were very … Continue reading Leveling up – Part 6

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