The majority of employees in first world countries find Mondays to be a bit of a challenge. The weekend seems to have been cut a bit short and the pile of work ahead seems massive.

Many experience feelings of dread, anxiety, gloom, and sluggishness on their way into the office on Monday. Those fortunate not to have such weight on their heart find the stress of commuting around such individuals leaves them a bit stressed as well.

There are some of us who don’t experience the Monday blues. It could be from having a great career, a cheerful disposition, or having to work weekends. Those individuals seem to baffle the rest.

Fortunately, that extra drive that many lack is available to all. It’s about the mindset and also having the right boost come along and lift the spirits.

Listening to your favorite song(s), reading an empowering message, having motivated positive friends, or a meditation routine are just a few ways by which people elevate themselves on Monday.

Motivational Monday

The project of writing positive motivational pieces for Mondays is an exercise in implementing what a few gurus have shared. The more positivity we cultivate, the easier it is to face a week in a positive state of mind.

The goal of this project is to get to the point of sharing something positive each week. It’s a work in progress. For the time being, this page will collect the various iterations of this project by year. Below will be listed the portfolio collections of motivational posts shared on Mondays on the blog.

Portfolio Writing Project: Motivational Monday

Thank you for stopping by and visiting this page. Hopefully the words inscribed in these collections will encourage you to find some positivity each week to reach for your goals.

Do feel comfortable sharing these collections… or individual posts… with anyone who can benefit.

Motivation Monday

Motivational Monday 2017

The segment called Motivational Monday is aggregated by years. This is the 2017 collection

Motivational Monday 2018

Working to have better more consistent posts of the motivational variety to kick off weeks

The collection lives here

One day… a collection will be complete enough to be published… until then.. the collection grows

Motivational Monday 2019

The home of all Motivational Monday posts for 2019

Starting off early… with the goal of filling this page each week with a new post