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  • The Backpack Gallery - To conclude the trilogy, might as well share the photos that inspired the poetry, story, and commentary. A little motivation to carry on with great confidence. Enjoy the mini-gallery
  • Leslie’s Adventure - During orientation, it became clear the company had not fully thought about the needs of it's women employees. Leslie took matters into her own hands. That is... until she needed help. Dean, also a new hire like Leslie, was glad to help in the critical moment. And received a valuable tip from Leslie. Flexing a little writer skills... and bringing you a little office drama. What's this got to do with a backpack? Dive in and let me know what you think.
  • Standing Confidently: Poetry - Impressions may matter but authenticity is always for the win Stand tall Stand proud Stand correct Stand confidently A little poetry inspired by a conversation and a photo

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Wedding Memories

A collection of wedding projects

Going back to the roots of this blog by compiling several stories and galleries


There are stories behind the photos. Some are collected here.

Tales of the wedding photos

Enjoy the collecdtion

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