An artist has to find a way to eat in order to clearly think through his/her art. In the early days of photography, this artist had to pay his bills and doing weddings was the main way to fund the art of photography.

Any and all blog posts related to events in and around a wedding will be aggregated here. Celebration of love through photos, poetry, and storytelling happens sporadically on the blog. For those looking exclusively for such joyous posts, you’re welcome to bookmark this page and check as often as you’d like.


The wedding photography career was short lived, but was a serious staple of my creative journey. When my children get a bit older and more independent, the hope is to return to this competitive form of photography. It’s a ton of fun. Many great memories.

Instead of rehashing these glorious early days now… a collection of such posts lives below for your reading pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to visit and leaving a comment.

Long may wedded bliss continue to live.


  1. Of Lace and Corsets - The wedding ceremony was being delayed. Everyone was eager to see the bride. Did she have cold feet? Where was the photographer? Behind the scenes, a frantic team was trying to figure out the lacing of a corset.... Orders barking on the radio... guests getting restless....Of Lace and Corsets!
  2. One of those days - When you've got one of those days that tests your best.... pushes your professionalism to the limits.... Yet, you stay cool... because that's what you do.... Yeah.. One of those days
  3. A well captured tear drop - Getting a suit all torn up in some bushes and tree branches to get that perfect shot paid off well. In fact, the effort gave a shot of the perfect teardrop and the perfect wedding kiss Sometimes you have to go out of your way to get the best shots.
  4. Humility. Sacrifice. Transparency. Now that’s marriage vows - I got to witness my cousin get married to his lovely lady. It was watching a scene from heaven right here on earth. Love is beautiful! Amazing! Well worth it
  5. That Spiderman Kiss - She took his face in her hands and tilted his head back. She had waited for that perfect moment... and landed that kiss that electrified the whole room A photographic/essay look back at a wedding photo memory... worth a thousand words (not actually written)


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