MS Word. Google Docs. Apple Pages. and blogging….

I had a question hit me that’s a bit on the tech side. I’ve used Apple’s Pages to start writing a few ideas before sharing them. And to my great surprise, there is no elegant way that I’ve discovered for moving a write up into a post for my blog.

I find it so much easier, though not elegant, to write something up on Google Docs and then post it. Sure, I can do the write up directly on my blog. But that’s not always an option for me.

I hope that whomever reads this, and has a known elegant way to use Pages and then onto the blog, will let me know. I read that Word and Google Docs is the easiest way and most popular way if you’re not writing directly to your blog. After hearing how awesome Apple is about “everything”… got wondering.

It’s not that I must do it this way. It’s not that I’m going to be doing it this way. I just was curious. I know people who are deeply into Apple and use all their products. I use many different platforms and products and am open to try new ones and new ways.

If it can’t be, then, it can’t be. If it can, would love to know. Thanks for the input and feedback

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