Looking at my clock during the time change this weekend

This weekend, looking at the clock on my dresser, got me thinking about all the memories this clock and I have had. It’s been a long run. And it points out a few good lessons for me.

This clock has been with me for a long long time. And while we live in a “throwaway” society, some things are worth the keep. Dive with me into this little flash back journey of this clock

My parents, in order to help me become more independent, got me this clock radio for my alarm. It was meant to help me wake up at a good time for family devotion and make it off to the big scary world of high school.

The world did not turn out to be that scary nor need me to get up that early every day. But, the bonus for my parents, they knew what music woke me up. Their room was next to mine. Navigating the world of “my taste” versus “their taste” was, well, a very interesting chapter.

That clock is still with me to this day. Many many many moons later. It won’t survive however until my child gets to high school age. There is a limit to how long tech will last, no matter the best of care.

The most striking point of my reflection was this, some things get tossed out well before their time, and others hang around way too long past their prime. Unless we make a point of reviewing the most basic of connections, we stand the risk of tossing out friendships too early, technology too early, or holding on to both too long.

Every relationship has a time horizon. Every habit has a time horizon. Are we reflecting on them enough to know when to let go, when to move on, and when to persist at holding on?

No one can tell me, or you, when the right time is to let go some habits, some friendships, some purchases. But having something too long can slow your progress down in areas you value. Getting rid of some things too early just adds to the pollution around you and denies you the full use of the quality that was in the original investment of that friendship, relationship, that mobile device, that connection.

After some 25 years of dedicated service, the question for that clock is simple, is it time to let go? or can I squeak out a few more years? It holds time well. It is missing a few key buttons for the time change (a pen solves that easily). I don’t use it to play music or as an alarm(since high school). It just holds time. Unlike many modern clocks, it does not blind me at night when I look at it. Glad I kept it so long. May just hold on a little longer until a good suitable replacement clock shows up.

One thought on “Looking at my clock during the time change this weekend

  1. Personally I’d keep that old clock until it no longer kept time. Reminded me of my first clock radio. My brother bought it for me for my birthday. Big brother set it up for me, taught me how to use it. Although I didn’t appreciate it much that next morning when I was woken up by a very loud Moby Dick, today it brings back fond memories of days gone by.

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