Happy One Year Anniversary

Happy One Year Anniversary

November 4, 2013 started a new chapter in my creative life. It was the start of blogging. I wanted to understand what this new medium was. Would I ever get good at it. Was this the transition from forums that I thought it would be? Was I was too late?

This post is written in a retrospective voice from 2018

There was a lot of mindset issues I had to overcome. I had a ton of insecurities to face. It was just supposed to be a test to understand how this world of blogging worked. If the results were good, I’d be able to use a different platform to showcase my photography.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have much of a plan. I didn’t put in the necessary work to learn. I just started. Something I was keenly afraid to do. I did give it my best.

That calendar year I wrote a total of 4 posts for a little over a thousand words. I had no understanding of consistency, something I’m still working on to date.

That day, in 2013, launched the start of one blog. Today, as I look back, I’ve got three active blogs, one semi active, and one in design plans. Will they all remain? Will they eventually converge? Who knows.

However, I’m glad I took the leap in 2013. I had no plans of doing any anniversary posts… however… feeling a wave of gratitude has me sharing a few brief thoughts for each of the anniversaries on my blog.

This timid nervous exploration has given rise to hopes, dreams, aspirations, and ambitions of authorship. The artist within does not want to be contained. In a manner of speaking, writing has saved my creative side. I took up writing trying to save my photography. Life has gotten in the way… however… the art is still going strong.

Grateful to family and friends who believed and continue to believe in me. Thank you to my loyal readers. Thank you to everyone on social medial who continue to push me forward with words of encouragement.

Cheers to many more posts!


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