Crafting a Refreshing Drink

The other day, I had the luxury of meeting online someone who has the clear understanding of art in the visual world. Her ability to take a seemingly uninteresting bottle and pairing it with her natural beauty has given rise to a powerful marketing machine that is very refreshing and uplifting.

Before I introduce you to this lovely lady, let me paint a verbal picture for you. The sensual art of presenting a sexy woman in an empowered way is an art that needs more respect than it gets. To look very sexy, very sensual, very intelligent, without looking very fetishy is not easy. Kink has it’s role, but when building a trusted brand for mass marketing, that’s a very dangerous slope to cross

Very artful representation of beer is the holy grail of marketing to the male adult population. Everything is tied to a great time of relaxing with a lady, a car, a beer.  Ok, I exaggerate a bit.. but the whole point of grabbing a beer is to unwind having fun with the things you enjoy.

Then, there is the best of the best. The craft that defines the edge of the best. Craft beer is it’s own magic and it’s own culture. I learned from her art that she’s lined up many variables of success. People love a great picture. People love a great beer. People love helping a great cause. People are very impressed by someone who combines all of those traits. Craftbeervixen from Instagram has done an incredible job of combining a great cause, great beer, and great pix together for an impeccable impression. My few chats with her has inspired me to step up my photo taking game to the next level, step up my altruism, step up my creativity, and step up my writing. She’s raising money to help fight Autism. She’s bringing amazing awareness to the cause and also helping people enjoy great beer at the same time. And her pictures are amazing works of art.

What is your passion? What is it that you’re good at? What is it that makes you work hard without thought of pay? Try to get started with it. Grow it. Nurture it. Make it help someone else. You’ll be surprised to find out how much life you bring to those who follow you and check you out. That to me is living creatively and purposefully.

Craftbeervixen is making a very refreshing place online where people can help others have a better life while giving you a refreshing break from the stress of your reality. Craft your own refreshing drink of reality starting today.

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