Can you remember what you did for fun when you were 10?

Sitting quietly in deep thought, staring at a collection of photos, the photog’s thoughts started to drift and wonder. The question of the day was still bouncing around his head. What did you do at the age of 10 that was fun?

Life had it’s ways of being cool and fun. Sadly, those days were starting to get lost in the rat race of making ends meet. There were less frequent moments to go out and shoot for fun. Almost to the point of forgetting what it was like to just create art for the sake of creating art. Life was starting to get a bit heavy.

At 10, it’s hard to imagine what happened, for it feels as if it was a long time ago. Could it be that this adult press to move up buried the essence of what is to be human? If the question was to make much sense, the concept that what was fun at 10 years old are the same things that are fun now.. remembering would bring about many more opportunities to have fun. Sure, the way of having fun has to adjusted to the reality of having an adult body. For instance, there is no way this photog is going to go hanging upside-down from monkey-bars. That’s just not how things work these days

As the thoughts drifted trying to grasp at any strand of memory, another thought invaded the space. There were a small handful of people he had worked with that recreated that feeling of being alive that is so common place at the age of 10. These people gave off such positive charged energy that creativity was easy around them. Whenever the rare chance of a photo session came up, it was with excitement at feeling alive creating art.

Letting loose a sigh, the photog admitted quietly but without defeat that life was not moving in the direction it should. Things had changed to get serious. The huge economic down turn of years ago had left a wake of adaptations that now led to a life of stagnation. It was all about survival and keeping a meal on the table. There was no more having fun. No more shooting pix for the sake of shooting pix. No more making new friends. No more adventure. No more experiments. Just making ends meet.

Bringing his attention back to the portfolios before him, one thing was clear; it’s time to make life fun again. It’s time to create art, to use the skills that has now gone dormant.

An email notification brought realty back into focus. A coworker was asking for assistance on a project for the next day. Taking note of the slumped attitude of his shoulders, the photo promised himself to start living again before age caught up to him and permanently slowed him down.

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