Leveling up – Part 1

Taylor sat in the photog’s studio trying to figure out what had gone wrong. The weight of the confusion weighed in heavier than a 90% humidity level on a 98 degree summer day. Replaying the event over and over had shed no light for Taylor. It was time to ask for advice

The photog sat still. The setup had been flawless. The project painstakingly planned to the smallest details. This was a first. The job involved taking pix of something much complex than an engagement proposal. This was the series of documentary styled pictures that would follow the transition of friendship to relationship to engagement to marriage. A very lucrative gig by the way.

The work was so detailed, it seemed worth the effort to follow over two years this change. There was one little piece of nagging detail however. The whole idea rode on Taylor’s ability to understand Sara and relay that information into the plan without her knowing it was a plan. The photog would have to craft this documentary carefully and also advise Taylor very discretely. No one likes to be boxed into any situation, especially when feelings are involved.

The play was simple on paper. Track the friends getting to know each other. Then as key developments would take place, stage the event to look natural yet controlled enough to get great photos. In the end, when they would both look back, they’d be super happy with a visual history of how they became lovers and best of friends.

In practice, it was hard. The photog had to be there for key events to record what was going on. Taylor had to be a great student and quick study to learn how to capture the other moments that wouldn’t require a pro photographer, while yet keeping the theme and style of photos consistent with the documentary style. The single hardest part, after convincing Sara this journey was worth her while, getting Sara in front of the camera without her feeling like she was in front  of the camera performing.

While the two sat quietly thinking, the realization that plans weren’t going to move forward smoothly sunk in deeply. The photo was going to have to do a lot more coaching about relationships than ever planned. Taylor was going to have to learn to step up his game a whole lot better. Sara was not one to give up her self-guidance just because you asked politely.

What went wrong? That’s for the next post. Stick around 🙂

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