Happy Second Anniversary

Happy Second Anniversary

Some writers take off fast. Others take a while to gain traction. Others, just don’t have the focus to press hard. In my case, I was not sure what to make of blogging. It was OK. I liked it. But it was a bit more technically challenging than I cared for. Not for lack of trying but from lack of vision.

The concept of putting myself out there was just too scary. I figured no one would like to read about me. The head games I was playing was getting in the way. Worse, I felt that I had to have the perfect post that would draw the masses and have them fall in love with me right out of the gate.

So, instead of quitting, which was the feeling I had, I kept ticking away slowly. I spent the bulk of the calendar year learning the craft of writing. I wrote way more than I shared. I was looking for a system of writing that would allow me to be comfortable and grow

Back then, it was all about figuring how to write on the train. That was the only time I could see available to myself to write. The iPad was the go to choice, but then, taking it from there and placing it on the blog… yeah… I didn’t do too hotly.

In 2014 I shared a total of 6 posts (two better than 2013) for a nearly 5k words. To me, that was huge. I was thrilled. I didn’t share my writing however. I was counting on organic growth. Yeah, that lesson was learned pretty quickly thanks to dismal view counts. But I was OK with that. I was not a writer. I was not an author. I had not yet learned how to get images onto the blog. That was my main worry.

this blog post is written retrospectively from the comfort of 2018

Little did I know that this slow crawl of a start was exactly what I needed to better understand my own head game about writing.

Back then, I didn’t care about many anniversaries. I didn’t pay too much mind about November 14 being the date of when I started. I just knew that I had to keep going so I wouldn’t call myself a quitter.

So. Cheers to not quitting.


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