Pressing forward with goals of the year

While I’ve shared a few stories from my days of taking pix, one thing just bugs at me. I have come to a chapter where work is the main focus of my life. I don’t like that much at all.
In fact, I want to go back to the carefree days of being able to go do a photo shoot and have a ton of fun. Sure, there are things like bills to pay, but the fun part is important too.
One of the things I am keenly aware of is the lack of form and fitness to my current game. I used to be able to lug around all this camera gear and do a shoot solo and not worry about being sore the next day. These days, sadly, are currently a thing of the past. If I do that now, I’m calling out the next day at work.. Because I’m too sore to do anything. Ok, really, I won’t call out, but I will wish that I did all day long.
So, what’s a photog to do in situations like this? Go back to the fudementals of course. I have to get back to a much more fit state of being.
While I am not concerned about the numbers on a scale, I am concerned about how I feel when I balance the activities of wok, home, and photography. Not to mention the other things I’ve yet to share on the blog.
I will continue to share the story in the making called Level Up. I will continue to write and get better at it. I also want to get back in the whole taking pictures deal I’ve had for so long.
Creativity is a beautiful thing. Having the time to do so is even better. Being fit to be creative, now that’s a gem.
Currently, as I’m typing this, I’m a bit sore. I’m in day two of my new fitness routine. I’m going to slowly work back up to the daily morning ritual of getting something done to be fit. I don’t have time after work, I don’t have time during the day. So, now I’m waking up a bit earlier each day to get things done for my fitness.
My diet has begun to change. My lunch pattern has begun to change. I’ve dramatically cut back on my diner portions already. Now it’s time to up the calories burned so that I can continue the pace of last year. I lost over 15 pounds last year.. Plan on doing the same this year. Only difference, it will now show up a bit in my blog.
Accountability? Maybe. Scaring myself senseless? definitely. But hey, growth happens outside of your comfort zone.
Without more energy, there will not be more efficiency in getting to all the timings I want to do with my life. I won’t even have time to finish the book I started. So, to this end, Happy February and remember to do something good for your fitness today.

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