One of those days

Today is one of those days. The kind you rather not have, or would soon forget

Yup, one of those. It’s gray out. It’s rainy. Back logged at work. Trying to make moves in your entrepreneurial dreams. And then, things go sideways.

Yes. That kind of day. The kind where you just want to scream, but you can’t.

You’re at work. Gotta remain professional.


That kind of day!

Instead of going into details about today, shall we revisit another one of those days?

Many years ago, I was doing a photo shoot. Things were going well. So much so, I got a contract out of the shoot to do a wedding. I was going to be paid to do something I love to do for free. This was going to be super awesome

The contract was for a 4 hour wedding session. Spring time, outdoors, focus on capturing the fashion of the day. How hard coul this really be?

Yeah. Good question indeed. Hard. Real hard

Three and a half hour into the contract, the bride informs me of a change in plans. I was new to the wedding photography game, I din’nt know that additional fees had to be factored when things get changed.

I was prepared to shoot for 5 hours. Well. The ground shifted on me.

I was not even at the reception and was cleanly over the 5 hours of shooting. I had enough content to cover everything we had agreed upon. And then, she laid out what she wanted for the reception.

I was starting to have that kind of day. I was informed that there was no food arrangements for me, no space to sit, and that all the ladies of the party wanted their own special photo hour session with me.

You’d think that the money would have gone up to cover the extra work

13 hours into the shooting affair, it became clear I was going to run out of memory cards. Yes, I ducked into a shop and bought up a few extra memory cards. A few extra batteries while my battery pack charged the spent batteries. That simply not enough.

To make matters more interesting, my camera broke in the 13th hour. Ok, not broken in the literal sense. I thought at the time it did. It just froze and wouldn’t start up again. The next day, it would work just fine and be a steady workhorse for years.

I was the solo photographyer and had all this gear on my back the whole time. Hungry, annoyed. I prepared to leave and asked for my fee and additional charges for the extra work.

Yeah, that conversation went over real nice.. on my part that is.. not hers. I had no fight in me either.

12 gigs of pictures, one super sore pair of feet,  I was out of resources. I knew for certain that I couldn’t get the pictures turned around in the two weeks that was agreed upon.

The groom then announced, as I was leaving, that the photos would be delivered to the party and guests by the following Sunday.


I was having one of those days indeed.

Just like today, it just feels like the floodgates have opened in a bad way.

Just like this wedding, where I did deliver on the goods …most of the pictures in the week announced… there were a few minor issues that took time to correct..their main album took the full two weeks to prepare.

The bride and groom were both super happy with what they got. I lost a fortune that weekend. They’ll never know about it unless they read this post and figure I talking about them. So , don’t go telling them anything… LoL

Just like then, I will make this day work out. I will pull through. That is what you do when life hits the fan. You pull through.

When I have pulled though, I will look back on today and be able to blog about it and motivate someone else to pull through. it can be done. Just figure out the way to unpack the day, put a plan together, find the resources, hunker down, and get it done.

After you make it, do take a day off to recover.

Be nice to yourself.


Then, return back to your regularly scheduled life.

It’s just one of those days, when it will eventually be just that, one of those days.

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