The interruptive pause 

Life can be nice. Life can be cool

Then. Life can be cruel.

Just saying

Recently, as in very recently, had several interruptions happen in my life. On the surface, they were very disruptive moments

I put my new business efforts on hold just when momentum was coming. I have to face these interruptions.

They’re not cute. They won’t go away on their own. In fact, not addressing these would have serious grave consequences.

The unplanned pause really stressed me out.

Then, I dove into the mess, rolled up my sleeves, and started to work

I’m not on the otherside of the mess yet. What I’ve learned so far, I needed to pause. Life threw me a bit of mess to cause me to pause.

As much as the pause is annoying, the resulting clarity is helping me better see my goals. The pause is helping me remember my hunger to reach my goals

Furthermore, the pause is helping me appreciate my new found set of skills I had no idea I had learned. I was trying to get them and felt I was getting nowhere. Now, I see I not only have them, I’m pretty good at them.

This pause is highly disruptive… Like really annoyingly so. But, isn’t innovation just that, a disruption in the status quo. An interruptive pause. An invitation to embrace innovation

As I write these words, I can’t wait to wrap up this interruption. Get the pause over with and hit play. I have to get back on track. Only difference, I’m not seeing it as a catchup. I’m seeing it as a chance to pivot, move in greater clarity.

I also learned it is a good idea to create your own pauses in life. To avoid burnout, you need to pause and it into the day, and see how much more you get done. Build it into the week and see how much more focused you remain. Build it i to the quarter, and see how much more growth you can reach.

My life got interrupted and needed to pause, so I can hit play and enjoy more of life. Don’t let your pause come at the cost of a heart attack, stroke, death, or some thing less serious..but equally disruptive. Pause now, get some clarity in your life now. Then, move with grater confidence and certainty.

Back to my grind I go. When the pause is lifted, man will I play hard!

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