Flipped Scripts and Camera Flashes

Getting set was not the hard part. Plowing through the mountain of responsibilities to make time, now that was hard.

Unlike other events where the photog is recording historical events on film, this time around, he was the voice making the event historical.

Backing up a second, what….ok.. see… the photog was invited to speak and be the master of ceremony for a graduation event. It was time to put other skills to good use.

Arriving on the scene early, the creative eye quickly moved over the lay of the land and found a few lighting errors. Speaking with the catering team, things soon were sorted out and made right. The client was going to be visually happy now that the decor was properly lit. Taking zero credit for the hard work, the photog made a note to give an extra shout out to the many hands that went on behind the scenes.

A cozy venue, small and intimate, the photog set to review his notes. While speaking is not difficult, playing host at a venue where the whole point is to not be seen as a photographer was it’s own challenge. The script was flipped and camera flashes would be aimed at the photo whenever he was close to the client.

The single most glaring memory of the event was when the client was being showered with a standing ovation during her grand entrance. The cameras were flashing, the gathered crowd was cheering, and the photog had no place to hide. He was announcing the entrance and encouraging the audience to cheer. While not the center of any photos, all the flashes aimed in his direction made one thing super real, being on the receiving end of a camera can make a person very self-conscious.

With a small private laugh, the photog was able to better appreciate how his clients felt during their photographic events when all the cameras were aimed at them. Sure, this was not his first time to be in the lime light and certainly won’t be the last.

The lesson pulled from this wonderful event is that small changes in what you do can have big emotional impacts. Celebrating your wins is beautiful. Stretching beyond your normal comfort zone to achieve is very invigorating. The shifting from behind the camera to in front may be small and insignificant, but it pulls your mind out of comfort and sharpen the senses as an artist and performer.

Take a moment to do something slightly different. Sharpen your skills. Broaden your skills. The new perspective will pay off in the long run.

Having been the center of all the flashes, the photog now can better advise his future clients so they can anticipate being flashed upon with so many cameras. That extra tip can help them relax and have better photos. It can help them opt for better clothing choices or makeup setup. Being able to relate better to what a client may feel or have felt makes the services more meaningful, personal, and relevant.

If anything, knowing makes something less fearful, more exciting, and more doable. In what ways will you flip a script to gain a better perspective today?


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