When Fast Fashion Hurts

Proudly prepared for a new job, I was ready to show off my latest fashion and race up the career ladder. Then, this lovely fashion upgrade, this wonderful investment... was too good to be true. Certain life lessons came from this seemingly awesome fast experience that proved to be nothing more than hurt. When Fast Fashion Hurts!

It’s the little things that count….

"It's the little things that count..." A very popular saying that has been used in many context to help others understand the importance of the little things in life. Usually, the ¬†little positive things. Over time, they add up to be a big deal. What of the not so positive little things? It is a … Continue reading It’s the little things that count….

Flipped Scripts and Camera Flashes

A client's graduation event usually meant the photog aimed his camera discretely to capture memories. This time around, the script is flipped and the photog has to share being photographed. Will this change his perspective on how his clients' feel? Will this impact his shooting style?