Sunny Days…

Many mornings, things are just flat out routine. It’s the way to save the precious will power. You automate everything for maximum productivity. Then, life throws you a bit of a curve to remind you that you’re no machine.


The morning commute had a sweet start. The kids were in the car. The traffic was not too bad. The sun was just getting up and the glare was about to get serious. That would snarl traffic, but being out and about early enough, by the time things got bad, we’d be well on our way.

Out of the blue, the eldest shouted “Daddy, check out that sun!!” as loudly as one would if seeing something super cool for the first time. Oh boy, the sun was out!


While it was not prudent to pull over and get the camera out for a full shot, a quick voice command captured this gorgeous sunrise. It was majestic. Epic. Celestial. Glorious. You  name it, it was it.

It’s the kind of glory that stops your stress in its tracks and makes you appreciate that there is way more than automatic grind.

(A better view of this glorious sunrise was taken by fellow Instagrammer @citymousenyc)


It was totally awesome a start to the day. Reminding you that there are many natural hidden gems about the place that are very easily missed in life. Had the usual rush and crank mode been in place, the moment would have been shattered by the response of an angry who’s concentration was ruined and the tears of a child who doesn’t understand why the excitement isn’t enjoyed by everyone.

The sunrise was a total gift. Total random act of kindness to those willing and open to seeing the gift.

The day continued and went as it should. Towards the end of the day, while rushing to pickup the family, the skies took away the bright sunny day and poured out massive copious amounts of rain. This snarled traffic to a grinding halt as drivers tried to figure out how to navigate growing ponds and lakes of obstacles covering up potholes and the likes.

At one point during the drive back, the excited glee of a child filled the car. The sun had come back out with a different form of illumination. Sunset. Glorious, majestic, rustic, jazzed up sunset.


Oh sure, the glare was not fun, but the skies looked great. Had there been time to pull over safely, a much better moment would have been captured, but this would have to do.

This of course set off a flurry of chatter. How was the sun playing hide and seek? Why was it playing hide and seek? Who made the decision for the sun and the rain?

The type of questions that would normally annoy a commuter was a breath of fresh air actually. Nature took advantage of the day off from work to create a perfect bonding opportunity for the whole family. And the driver was smart enough to stop thinking about careers long enough to enjoy the precious moment.

Then, nature threw it’s biggest bestest baddest gift of all.


A double rainbow! Mind you, this is the first time the kids get to see a rainbow ever. And it’s a double rainbow at that! Boy, the glee, the screams, the shouts, the joy overflowing as they contemplate the skies in total awe and wonderment

Honestly, this is so refreshing. Seeing through the lens of the children makes you realize how many things are taken for granted because you saw the before. However, each instance is different. Each storm quite unique bearing it’s own gifts. Each rainbow uniquely peppered with it’s own pot of gold if you’re open to seeing it.


Under ordinary circumstances, the glare would have been all the driver noticed with huge annoyance. But today, the sun did it’s dance. Everyone was happy. Everyone had a special unique experience. A once in a life time event.

There are times when it pays to play life on autopilot. There are times you just have to disengage the drives and manually live each moment and make it so… so that you have a memory for a lifetime… a shared lifetime memory!

Have a glorious sunny day today

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