Before You Send Someone An Ugly Message

There are quotes that will catch your attention and make you pause… this is one of them….

Photo post by @Paardje.

Source: Before You Send Someone An Ugly Message


The thing is this, our voyeuristic society loves to play armchair quarterback to the lives of many. Sometimes it’s to feel better about ourselves. Other times, to fill in the time. Whatever the reason of million, that privileged position to look on makes it too easy to judge

There in lies the rub

We want to tell people about themselves from the comfort and safety of our seats far away from the reality that is their life. Maybe, just maybe, we should be so quick to cast stones. Just  maybe… just maybe.. we could better use the time to work on our objectives and goals in life

Before you quickly go off to tell someone something mean and nasty in an effort to fix, correct, address, admonish them… take a look within to find out why the weight of a judge’s robe has fallen on your back… and if you don’t like it.. get rid of it.

Life is hard enough as it is, no need to carry more burdens than necessary. Keep the focus on what’s in your lane. Elevate your game.

The best form of coaching is when you’re living your best, then, should they look at you, they have a chance to aspire to do better themselves… or even as for your input.

while there is a time and place to counsel and give advice to help someone else.. it usually won’t take place in the form of a hastily typed up message filled with hurtful words that will be sent unedited and later regretted.

Have a wonderful day and keep your messages clean and hate free!

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