Is it really worth it?

After spending many hours working on improving the blog’s appearance, the obvious question came up… was it worth it? Like, really. Was it worth it?

The question, better framed, was this time well spent? In this frame of mind, the answer should be yes as the user reading this will hopefully be able to appreciate.

Instead of spending too much time worrying about how the blog looks, diving into the philosophy of the question, things get a lot more interesting. There are many activities that gets a lot of our attention. A lot of invested time, and never the question asked…is it worth it.

Examples would be…all the hours watching something on television. Especially hours competing with an exam that is coming up, or a project to finish. Sure, t.v. gets the usual bad wrap on this question. But diving in a bit deeper, what about the social conversations that leave you drained of time, energy, and patience that are entertained instead of focusing on the work that one has to do?

The analogies can go on and on. That time will never be gotten back. More importantly, the expertise gained from these activities will rarely give you back returns worth mentioning. The gossiper rarely has much to show for their gossip. The routine gambler has scarce a dime to show for their efforts. And the emptiness that results is often far greater than the person ever imagined

So, where’s your energy being spent? Where’s my energy being spent?

Looking at all the hours that I plowed into figuring how to update the appearance of my blog, it’s easy to feel like it’s all for a lost cause. In the short view, yeah, this time is totally lost. In the medium view, there is promise that this skill set can eventually build something worth reading, something worth teaching, something worth a paycheck. The long view is that the digital landscape will make more sense instead of being a foreign entity devoid of opportunity.

The more time spent learning, the more it’s clear how much a rookie at online anything I am. The more time spent learning, the more I am in fact learning. One day, I’ll figure this out. (let’s not forget, in time, certain tasks will get hired out…I’m not going to to it all)

For now, I’ve got to go recover some of that spent energy. Trying to create something of value online while juggling the demands of adulthood is really energy intense!

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