Views from a highrise

Earlier, taking stock of life’s moments, reflecting on what was, could have been, and has become, a quote crossed the busy desk and struck a chord with the photog. The quote ordinarily would not have made much of an impact, as it challenges certain notions that need not involved deep philosophic reasoning and energy. Yet, today, this quote created much pause and pushed the line of thinking forward into what can be, will be, should be. And then, it clicked. Not only is the here and now the only true constant variable in perfect state of flux, it depended very much on the state of mind of the beholder.

Chuckling to himself, the photog had to agree that all this thinking was not additive and was consuming valuable time. In this current moment in life, going forward in a direct not only is better than standing still, but standing still was actually falling back. Yes, not doing was actually falling backwards. Not actively moving means time was marching and leaving the planted behind. This is not to be confused with being grounded

The quote hit home as the photog took a break to look out the window. The sun was blazing in that Fall perfect orange bronzing color filled with redness that made everything and everyone very photogenic. It was that ideal sun for making many look like super models. And while there was lingering humidity in the air, it only filtered the light enough to remove any residual harshness.

The quote said this:

“Destiny is not a thing to be waited for, but a thing to be achieved” – William James Bryan

Many wonderful things happen when you steadily march forwards towards a dream. It becomes reality. Wealth is seldom handed over to the masses. Fortune rarely favors the un-bold. And it certainly is not easy for an average Joe to keep the winnings of a lottery. Things have to get done to be done.

Well, how can you believe in destiny if you have to work for it? Ah, you see, fate and destiny may work together and even walk together, but they’re not always one and the same. Example, your fate may be to live a short life because you have a rare genetic thing going on, but your destiny is not written to sit in a corner of a room waiting for the end. With work, certain aspect of fate is left in your hands.

The photog wouldn’t be who he is if he had not put the effort to learn how to use a camera. In fact, this very blog about some of his moments wouldn’t be possible for viewing had the work not been done many years ago. So, as one waits for fate to do it’s bidding, take a moment to work on your destiny. Who knows, by happen chance, your destiny will rise up above the clouds and kiss the sun as it radiates it’s favor on the masses. People will look up in wonderment and chalk it up to fate and wrap it up in the fable of destiny.

Fall glowing sunrise
You, the wiser of the two, will know better and will share with any who want to hear, they control the overwhelming preponderance of their destiny in their own hands. The cards of fate have been dealt, but the play of destiny is yours to make.

To borrow an overly used phrase, go grab life by the horns… and show it who is boss. After all, only you can allow it to roll you over or ride it for all that it’s worth.


The below photos are courtesy of @musicaltones of Instagram. Thank you. 

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