Life does not just happen to you…

Life does not just happen to you.... It happens for you and with you. No matter how rough a patch, know that it will pass and green pastures will come. Nothing is eternal, nothing is for ever, the trick is to get from one good moment to the next without getting stuck in the bad in between.

Ideas Come From….

I'm taking a little moment today to reflect on my writing process and journey. A few things about how I get ideas and how they evolve into the blog posts they become. Where do my ideas come from.... simply.... life. But the process is where all the fun happens

Win vs Right

Some have to be totally right, at all cost. Others play to win. There is a difference between winning while right and just winning as a team. Check the various ways one can win, even if not right.

Apologize for being hot? I think not!

Many people play very small in their lives. They're afraid to look arrogant or offend someone for being great themselves. It's time we stop apologizing for the space we occupy. Stop being sorry for being good, hot, sexy, smart, confident, etc. You're one of a kind. Be the best you that you can be. Period. Even in humility.

Lessons From a Sunset

Waiting to grab the perfect photo of a building during the early points of a sunset has valuable lessons about patience and goal reaching. In the post, a short look at some key lessons a setting sun had for me and how you can benefit from a little patience while chasing dreams

How I get away with no New Year’s Resolutions

While New Year's Resolutions are amazing, they're not working for me very good. My best resolution to date is to not make any. Been great for years now. But, how do I account for improvements and dream chasing if I kissed resolutions goodbye? There are alternatives and I'm sharing one of them now... enjoy the full read. Hope it inspires someone to work on their Resolutions a bit better this year.