Take the win: celebrate a little

In my last post, I referenced offline writing. Below is an example of what I can now do offline. 

I had to accept that I won’t create perfect posts every single time. I won’t even get them near perfect both offline as well as online. 

This is me just taking a very small victory lap as I apply the things I’m learning along the way of my writing career…. even if I don’t consider it such… but I digress with trying to explain my perfectionism….on to the post below

The joys of winning are very evident. The celebrations. The pomp and circumstances. It’s all good, right?

To those of us who struggle with the condition of perfectionism, it is not easy to take the win and run with it.

In fact, many times, while others are impressed and celebrating for you, the perfectionist is finding flaws and imperfections that make the win, a bit less of a win.

Certain photo shoots have had great impact on the clients yet left the photog wondering how awful it was the photos didn’t come out perfectly.

One of the many skills to learn in life is the art of winning gracefully. For an avid perfectionist, the recognition that perfect won’t come by very often is a huge step, if not leap forward.

The very existence of this blog is testimony of taking the win and running with it. Then, celebrating a little. Of course, to others, who aren’t plagued with the worry of being perfect, they’re celebrating and innovating at the same time.

Perfectionist tend to get paralyzed at certain steps, afraid to release because it’s not perfect. Well, the win is worth celebrating. Today is the day the writer of this blog celebrates the fact the blog still exist and gets new posts on it somewhat regularly.

It may not be the perfect celebration on an actual anniversary, but that’s ok. The mere fact of celebrating is the win in and of itself.

Thank you for following. Thank you for reading. Thank you for watching this experiment rise from long held concept to actual reality.

Whatever win you are having, had, or will be having, do celebrate it, even if it’s a little. That is perfectly fine 🙂

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